Trucker Path – Truck Stops & Weigh Stations for PC

Trucker Path – Truck Stops & Weigh Stations for PC

Truck Stops, Parking, Weigh Stations, Truck GPS, Fuel, Walmart & Rest Areas

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About Trucker Path – Truck Stops & Weigh Stations For PC

The latest update removes the option to order food at truck-accessible locations. This app was used every day. It looks like I'll have to search for a different one.

I thought it was free, if you were getting ads. It is not clear if ads are still available after you have paid $30 per month.

This app is known as the Internet Explorer for navigation apps. The app can let you know if a road is being closed for construction, but still allow you to go through the area. It's like telling a stubborn child that you want to do something.

The app doesn't work all the time, and it does not show all stops. I am glad that I didn't have to pay the fee for this app.

To get fuel routing, upgraded First stop, there's a truck stop listed next door that is 15 cents less. A driver posts the fuel price accurately. I was almost robbed of 25+ dollars by you for 1 fueling. What are the savings? Thank you for your refund

It would be great if Trippack location could be shown. Is it me or are they looking for swimming pool locations? It's crazy! I have been driving over twenty years and never saw a TS with a swimming pool.

It worked great for me and has been with me for 8 months. I have the diamond package. Now, the app is closing randomly after a minute. I checked that it had updated Google Maps and cleared all caches. Nothing. Please fix it or get help.

The app is not allowing me to log in and doesn't show any information about when weigh stations are opening up within 30 miles.

This app has been causing me problems lately. It always displays error message when I tap on card to check for updates. I've uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it several times. Are there any suggestions?

Thank you for this great app. Would you consider adding colored banners to your favorite categories? Red banner to represent fuel favorite, yellow for parking preferences, green for food favourites, and blue in misc.

This app worked well until I needed to upgrade it. It's now the worst navigation I have ever used. I'm either taken a long distance, wrongly routed, or it can't locate a place that it sent me 3 months ago.

It is absurd to tell me that I must get another subscription for a device that I already own, even though I do have one.

I wanted to give a free trial but ended up paying for full membership. I didn't want it, but the reminder and app's did not work. I emailed the issue, but no one responded. Additional issues: - Cannot be used on restricted roads, such as highways that have hours restrictions or residential streets. Zooming out is not possible to view the portion or left-hand map. It must be done manually. Zooming out from the regular view is not possible. - While you are driving, it's impossible to ask questions at almost full screen.

The new update is horrible. It is difficult to see and the search bar does not appear at the top. I also don't know when there is a turn.

Zooming in makes it harder to find the right truck stop. Don't add so many details and stop asking questions about where I am. This makes an app that was once amazing too complicated and cumbersome. You have now removed the Food tab from the location screen. It's not worth the cost.