Trench Assault for PC

Trench Assault for PC

Challenge players in the best fast-paced tactic and collectible card pvp-game!

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AuthorAMT Games Publishing Limited

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About Trench Assault For PC

This game is the worst, because it uses too much data. However, you can still play it with no data. If you wish to play these games with data, 97MB data must be used first. It is slow and should not be changed.

This game was originally a card game that I enjoyed. I then lost it and started to hate it. I don't like the idea of it any more.

Although you changed the game again with one update, I also own this exact game. Therefore, I am unsure why you did an update.

Pura game alag kr diya phele jesa game tha vesa hi rhne do pls update ke bad game pura bekaar kr diya

Original trench assault by Rip. This was a great game, until it was replaced by this card-collecting game.

Too biased stars don't fill up fast, even though they are high rank. At first you will win but then AI will make your opponents have higher power. However, if you spend money you will win. After every 20 second match, a 30 second advertisement will be shown.

This is the most horrible game I have ever seen. You get ads for each click. The developer is greedy and mindless! You have a better chance of winning if you spend more, so don't waste any time.

The game can be addictive, but it has two issues. 1. Although I win every battle, there are ads. The ads can be annoying and the reward should not be too bad. My opponent can spawn two 7-star tanks, but only one 5 star tank.

You should make the whole game visible, not just a portion of it.

It's the greatest game I have ever played.