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Trailforks for PC

Worldwide mountain bike trail maps from the Trailforks trail management system.

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About Trailforks For PC

This App is not worthy of zero stars. Although it was great up until the subscription required, I can understand the need to have photos and current conditions of the trails provided by admin. However, those images are shared directly by riders using the app. Even a single app purchase, or the payment for data from regional maps would be acceptable to me.

It's better to use the website directly from your browser. The trial period is free and the app functions well. However, you will lose all map functions once you have completed the trial. You can still access their website to view maps and trail information, but you will need an account. The app is less functional than their website, unless you are willing to pay. Simply take a screenshot of their website to get started.

You can't use the free version. It is $$ per month. A one-time purchase would be fine by me. A Subscription is not for me.

So someone reading this has some cash in their pocket. Trailforks and/or the parent company must be SUED Unpaid user-based contributions to the app. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR COMPANIES TO STOP BEHAVING THIS METHOD! Your app is free! Should come with no ads. This is classic greed. The community has all the information! TRAILFORKS DISAPPOINTED!

They had me pay for an annual subscription, and they refused to refund my money. This app is not recommended. They took my money and will continue to steal yours.

My subscription thought it was expired. But, I am amazed at how useless the app is. A big sales pitch that doesn't provide any map information. This was my last recommendation for this app. I work at a bicycle shop so it was something that I used every day.

It was a wonderful app, which I still use a few times per year while on road trips. It now only displays trails within a small area. It's not enough for me to use, and subscription-based models don't work well.

It was used for a few years and helped to build the app and trails. Now they are looking to buy my trails back from me for 40 dollars. Subscription. You can cancel at any time.

It is very easy to use and it can be quickly loaded anywhere we travel.

This app was great, but it's now impossible to use without paying. It's now pushing me notifications so I can buy it. It's so annoying!

You will be prompted to purchase the subscription every time you open the trial version. Every time you look at the map it does this, which is so irritating that I decided to stop using it. I was also skeptical about whether it was worth the cost of a subscription. First, I don't like subscriptions. They can make me happy forever. The second is that they sell us the right to access the community contributions for free - no thanks!

It worked well. It now has a watermark on it that tells you how to purchase it. It's possible to make more money using a non-invasive way. You might have thought about paying, but the watermark link doesn't work. If this is their effort, it's probably not a good place to start.

You can get rid of trail markers, and simply show Pro the trail names. Then you restrict the area to a smaller radius. Canada is huge and I will often bike over 100km from home. I don't pay for an app that doesn't show me the information I require.

This app was a favorite of mine. It was a wonderful way to discover new trails. The app was made unusable by greed overnight. What was previously free, I won't pay. While I understand the need to purchase certain features for some functions, it is wrong to render an app useless in order to make money. This will cause the app to die. Shame on the TrailForks Team.

It feels like I need to clarify some things. The app is amazing. It's hard to understand why everyone is so mad! The Pro version gives you access to all the trails, information and the complete map. This is the ultimate tool for mountainbikers. You can find trails in new areas and read up on their current condition. There are even photos and videos that show who made them. This must have been a lot of work.