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Please. Please move the old toolbar to the bottom of your screen. Because it takes me longer to navigate, I don't like the new toolbar at the bottom.

It's really a great app, but it sometimes lags in making trendline or other things. Please fix this guys

Havia um problema, parava de atualizar e tinha que reabrir o app, mas a causa era minha conexao wifi. A opcao 'Manter dados moveis sempre ativo' melhora (modo desenvolvedor).

It is all good, but it often shows the wrong colour candle (rather than red) which could lead to incorrect trades. Please fix it

I am facing very boring experience with tradingview for last 20 to 30 days.I am not able to see my watchlist.only burreringgggggggg.solve the my problem

1. Businesses would benefit from allowing more than one alert to be included in the basic plan. 2. Alerts should be audible like an alarm. This is the point of setting alarms; from far away, it will be easy to see if price has been reduced.

My review has been changed from five stars to one. It is not possible for me to continue using the original layout. I don't feel comfortable with it and do not want to learn the entire process ..... Give us an option...

This is has many features. It is difficult to explore it. Let me know if you need any tutorials or assistance with hidden features.

This app is now a 5 star app. It has something I don't love, but not completely. The trading view' support team also works well.

The app does not work on my new smartphone! It also crashes when I try to log in. Pls correct this

Really? The developers now delete the old UI? It's hard to believe that you made this decision, but it is true. The new UI works really poorly for mobile.

Old toolbar was killed by the latest update. Will stay 1 star till its reverted. You need to locate the older app. The floating favorite toolbar, which gets too big when you add all your favorites and then it becomes inconvenient to use, is not something that you seem to be able understand. It needs to be moved around. I am a pro member, but will cancel my membership.

Chart layout is terrible, the previous one was easy to navigate, it's now a pain to use. I have an option to save old layout but my r Tab cannot go back to that version. Keep the old chart tool layout and get rid of the new one.

Hello guys! I do not think that I will have the time or patience to learn how your interface works. While I use other apps, you have restored the ability for users to select the most convenient interface. When you have fixed the error, I will return to your app.

It is absurd to make the UI different without giving me an opportunity to go back. Because I'm not sure where things are, I'm unable to use the app any more. What is the problem with my tablet's live clock? How do I enable Favorites? It's a complete mess.