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Although I enjoy the game, I would love to get more stuff free of charge. I want more clothes and hair. I also wish that there was more stuff.

It's a good game, I get it. But it costs a lot and there are bugs. Also it takes up lots of space and doesn't have many customization options. I don't think it is my thing. I also can't afford to spend $60-70 on a complete pack. And decorations cost money. Maybe they should stop making it so expensive. !

It's the best sister (2021 sept). Edit: 2022 October 18th. Still one of my favourite games, staying at a 5 star rating. Um I'll also try to update it next year.

Toca Boca is my favorite. It is fun. The only problem I have is with the sometimes lag.

It's great! However, it logs me out every time I enter and try to get to the house.

You can play the role of a character in this game.

Personally, I enjoy designing and building little players. This game has been a great option for me.

The app is great! I enjoy role-playing games and all that it offers. However, one of the characters I am making won't work. I have made two others. I was wondering if anyone could help me or give some suggestions.

This is a 4 because when I joined my game, a glich happened and then I LOST MY STUDY AND I WAS SO MAD. I don't know what caused this but it is still an excellent game.

It's so fun to use! It's amazing how imaginative you can get with it. Some of the issues I've experienced include characters not disappearing or my home-designed flooring being very messy. Although it can be slow loading, I love this app!

You should definitely get it. It is amazing.

You should include the Creator character to be able make smaller babies, and to also dress them. It is difficult to have twins or triplets.

Love the game 99%. It would be 100% if all characters could be equipped without my device freezing. The glitch occurred when I bought my new tablet. I do not know what to do. I also have a lot of items and it is possible that it could be connected to Google Play. :(

This game is amazing. I bought many things, but this one really bugs me. I bought the character creator in hopes of making 12 characters. However, when i try to create 5, they all disappear and there are only two left. This happens when you make 3 characters. Please fix it. It really bugs me. Thank you so much :)

It was so easy to download and I loved it. The neon house, the waterpark and mordern mansion were all my purchases. They were decorated and I played with them for awhile, but they eventually fell apart. I went back to find out there was a free bakery so I bought it as that was the only thing that was available at that time. All was well until a few days later, when I went back to find all my furniture had been removed. Deverstated.