Thomas & Friends Minis for PC

Thomas & Friends Minis for PC

Build, customize and bring to life your own train set with Augmented Reality*

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AuthorBudge Studios

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About Thomas & Friends Minis For PC

It crashed, but I had just enough to play the game.

Game shuts down. After the tutorial, an advertisement popped up. The game stopped working and could not be restarted. The game does not open when you push the Start button. The app closes when you press the Start button.

I enjoy the creative aspect of creating maps and collecting toys, but only 5 slots are available. The game also requires that you pay to access the remaining games. Although it could have been an interesting idea, it was unfortunately marred by microtransactions that are FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. It also contains annoying ads which may be distracting and only serve to make you want to continue playing their games. If you don't want to buy stuff, do not play.

Wow, guess what? Thomas Minis has been transformed from being a toy brand into a mobile game by budge.

It's 1 staring it, because my son lost his playability several months back and none of the updating or reinstalling have made any difference. My Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has the *latest* version of android. After the first scene of the game, our phone either freezes or displays a blank screen. It was fantastic when the game could be played.

Samsung S21 crashes following tutorial, and it kicks me out even though I have reinstalled and unlocked storage. It looks really easy, though.

My game crashes when I see the first add. That is something I'd like some assistance with. This game was really fun. I've played it before.

This game is my favourite. I played it as a 6 year old. This game is amazing and so creative.

This is a very impressive box, but it should not be locked unless you have completed the blueprint for the current one.

Some trains cannot be unlocked, and ads appear below. However, the Samsung 21+ crashes after the tutorial. Budge Studios, can you please fix it? The title screen is too confusing. You need more trains, and it needs an 8x5 grid.

Thomas and his friends minis are a great game. It was so much fun in 2020, 2021 and 2022 but it's so dull in 2022 because it involves ground-taking but it has 2 trains.

Cool, but could you create a collection of super mega trains? It's not just the trains but also super robots. They have super powers. Tomas's power to throw train tracks to prevent attack's is theirs.

Jodie is a great boy and I found her link. I am so grateful for your games. You can use the same clinic as I do. If you have any questions about your game or the group, please let me know.

It's a great game, but there are 2 problems. First of all, i can still play tomes and EVERY OTHER SET MONY. Second, if i receive a box, it occasionally gives me notes.

This game is not good at all because it was free, but there are still money.