TextingStory - Chat Story Maker for PC

TextingStory - Chat Story Maker for PC

Create a video with text messages - TextingStory is now available on Android 😀

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AuthorYvz Digital Lab

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I'm done creating, and I want to make more video. It just keeps going back to the home screen. The screen keeps going back. It's impossible to do it. Every time I tried to make a video, it crashed. It's annoying.

This app is a great app. I learned how to send a text to my friend, and she sent me syllables.


Sorry for my low rating. This game is really enjoyable. My only suggestion is to change the colors and pictures of charts and other items. It is not a low price, but it doesn't make it any more amazing. The video creation process is extremely slow. The number of text messages you send will determine how long it takes. However, if only a handful of texts are sent, then it can still take ages. We are grateful.

Although it is nice, if it does not make it into the word that I desire it to be it will not.

This app is great, but the only colors available are red and blue. You will need to purchase additional colors if you want them to be made. Therefore, 4 stars.

The app is great, but it's very slow. It removes a character's picture and deletes it a lot. Please fix this! :D

It is great but it can take a long time to create a video. I don't feel like trying to edit my video, but please fix the time.

It's an awesome app. However, sometimes it doesn't work.

It's amazing! I think it is amazing. I find it very useful and enjoyable. I also like writing stories, and that helps me write stuff.

Could you please make an update on all phones to get free color?

It's nice, but you must pay for images. This should be an optional feature. Although I understand that you need to make money, you might consider implementing a feature in which you can view an advertisement and send it (e.g. three pictures), then you can see another one to send even more.

This is a wonderful way to create stories for fake messaging or whatever the name might be. However, it's sad that most items cost money and are quite expensive. I suggest adding more options like group chat but I have no idea.

This app is very useful and I recommend it highly to anyone who has difficulty deciding what content to create one YouTube 10/10.

No! Every time I choose to play the person I wish, I lose the person I was before. This problem must be fixed.