Tap Tap Dino : Defender for PC

Tap Tap Dino : Defender for PC

Raise different dinosaurs and complete your collection!! Authentic Dino Game!!!

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I want to play this game but its always crashing,like when i open the app its good but when it will go to the tutorial its keep crashing.plsss&ssssssssssssss fix this problem cuz i want to play this game

This game is great, but I am currently on nighttime and I still get eggs from day time. I bought the x5 Gold and the x2 Exp but the system won't allow me to restore my purchases.

Great game, but it is necessary to add an absurd type of dinasour that will make the game more fun. Please also add Ko dinasour. This game is great!

It could be an interesting game. The game does have ads. The store does not work. You can't use it on your phone, haha

It's a great game. I love it.

It's a great game, but the dragon is not coming soon.

The game is very enjoyable, but it stops working after i turn it off.

It's one of the most frustrating tapping games !?!?!?!. When I got to the point where you choose your language, it crashed. I don’t use Facebook so don’t get me to tell this on Facebook. U game is a suck and I wouldn’t recommend it.

This game was downloaded before and I am trying to get it back.

This game was deleted many times, but i am back to test your offline. I'm not making any games anymore but ill still be here to help you.

This is my favourite game that I have been playing for many years. It's my favorite. My friends and I play it every day.

As it was inexpensive and didn't accomplish anything, I decided to go ahead and buy the ad-free option. I still have to see all of the advertisements.

You might think it's a totodile or godzilla. . . Okay, now lets play! Ok zilla Freak my name is Lhiam Repollo.

I love this game! Please send me the legenderay egg that i have subbed to you channel. Also, look out for my facebook message.

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