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Steady - Find Work. Earn Money for PC

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Although I was in good standing with these apps and the booster rewards program in the past, I completed a booster and had a valid email. I waited two weeks for the upgrade process to be approved. I still have not received my reward. This bothers me because I used to receive good service and am now experiencing poor. You can check the status of my reward. It says it is complete. I also have an account connected. I would like to rate 5 stars once again, but I cannot until this problem is resolved.

They fixed the problem and paid me great. I don't think that I have ever seen ads so I recommend it to everyone money-motivated.

I don't know how this app functions or whether it is beneficial. It insists that you link your banking information. This is a deal breaker.

It was a pleasure to use my STEADY app. You can use the financial tools and advice STEADY offers to help you make extra money. My family and friends have recommended STEADY.

They'll reply saying that they have paid over $10m in user fees. I laughed because I did 5 boosters.

It is an app that wastes time. I'd give it negative or 0 stars. I have completed many transactions and not received any. I have invited my friends but never got what I expected. We ask that you please do not waste your time as I did.

Don't do it. Because of the promise income, I spent so much time on this app. They won't be able to track your progress as they claim. Before they pay out, they will need screen shots, exact dates and other information. Then they will try to convince you into paying. It's better to sign up and then skip the step.

Won't log me in. Multiple times I have checked my password and email address. I have changed my password. I also double-checked that I am correctly typing the password. I still get an error message saying that my credentials were incorrect. Every job on the app can be filtered by gig, full-time or part-time. Not worth it.

This app was my first love, in November 11/2021. It worked perfectly and I was paid within a few days on boosters. Financial comparisons worked and were very useful. It was possible to save and categorize data with no errors for, say, a month. It may have been more than 60 days since some boosters expired so I don't know why they keep them. Also, I don't often see boosters that are worth more than $5. This app is so disappointing that I was tempted to give 5 stars.

It is possible to get paid for the boosters that you select. This app actually makes you money for your efforts.

This app is not worth the effort. They have not paid for five of my boosters even though I waited 4 weeks. The customer service department is an absolute joke. Expect no one to answer your questions. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM.

Pathetic. Sooooo ....The way this app can help me make more money is to tell me to take a second or third job for minimum wage! It is very sad.

I have not received payment for over a month. They have not responded to my emails. It takes them 2 months to respond, or they may not even pay. Customer support seems hopeless. This app is a waste of time and I wouldn't recommend it.

I've completed four boosters but have not been paid for any of them. It has been at least 30 days since the last payment. Although the app seems great, the payouts are not consistent. I will update when it happens. Update: I finally received payment for two boosters. Thank you.

The app does absolutely nothing. All they have is either something you need to purchase or an account to open with another business. There are often a few stipulations to get that money, which is typically only $25. So none of the options is worth your time. The app is designed to exploit the poor.