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My OnePlus N10 5G does not have the app connect to Soundcore Life Note earbuds. It is possible to connect earbuds via bluetooth. Either tapping on the add device or manually selecting Life Note in the menu does not detect the earbuds. You can also turn off the earbuds and then switch them back on, and reset the earbuds. None of these worked.

The speakers work perfectly. Every couple of months, a firmware upgrade is available that doesn't load. It is absurdly stupid as you'll spend far more time trying to fix broken software than actually playing with it. It claims that the update takes 10 mins, but it isn't. After two hours, "error" was displayed. It is not something I recommend.

There is a problem with the app. The Settings menu is so large that it's difficult to see all options. The whole menu was visible when I "shrunk" my phone by increasing the resolution to 360dp.

Soundcore Life Q20 doesn't connect. This is frustrating when a headset you bought does not connect to an official app. Both the automated and manual options were tried. If you have any app updates that could make it easier to connect, please share them.

It would be great if the music file could also be accessed from within the app. This is similar to what Sony has done with theirs. This will make life much easier.

It's working great. You did a great job updating the Liberty 3 Pro's with the addition of Grammy Award winners for the sound options. This is something that I didn't know about the Liberty 2 Pro's. But, they are now on the new earbuds. They are even better than the originals.

Hello! Hi! I can't connect Soundcore Life P2i with the app. My Soundcore Life P2i earbuds can be connected via Bluetooth but they do not show up on my app. How can I change the firmware?

Excellent app. It has great sounds and easy to follow instructions. The Soundcore Pro waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great purchase. It is the Best Purchase of the Year 2022. This is my satisfied customer.

Good app design. I prefer additional soothing music and overlay sounds to the SleepBuds A10 for reducing external noise. You should also provide the sheduling of the alarms per day with various alarm tones.

These can't be used with Oculus, as I must use the app for turning them on. It takes up data and space on my phone. I won't buy another pair.

This app allows you to connect your liberty 2 pods and use it with your phone. You make amazing sounds, thanks!

The Soundcore liberty Air Pro 2 earbuds are among the most comfortable. I don't understand why anyone would choose these earbuds over apple air pod pro.

The Soundcore Life Q30 was literally just purchased. It was so comfortable around my ears. The next thing I did, was to test the various modes of Noice Cancelation. I was very happy with it. The noise cancellation was terrible on a different brand, cheaper headset. The next thing I did, was to download the app and try out the various features. Let's just say that I absolutely loved it. Then I tried music. It was amazing.

The Sleep A10 app is confusing. The Sleep A10 app is so confusing

They are hands down the best earbuds that I have ever tried (liberty2 pro update). It's almost flawless. The interface is simple and easy to use. It's a great feature to be able to customize buttons. It would be nice if the buttons were a bit louder.