Solitaire - Grand Harvest for PC

Solitaire - Grand Harvest for PC

Enjoy the classic card game! Easy to play, beautiful levels, fun bonuses!

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They are so difficult to solve that they become impossible puzzles after hours of play. You can play the game for months without any reward. Although the game is unable to keep pace with level progression, it can offer too many rewards. I'm done. Edited: They did not respond to my email a week earlier. Evidently, they didn't respond to my email about the amount of money that I had spent. Go to Uninstall. You found a better version of the game.

This game was a favorite of mine for over four years. But the developers are far too greedy. To win the majority of levels it takes far too many credits. Some level attempts aren't even possible (tested with built-up reverses). Crate prizes are severely diminished. The golden pyramid levels don't count toward missions. Dice game requires too many tries to navigate board. There are too few gems available to compete on some island levels. Most of the links to social media gifts don't work.

The price increases for wild cards and extra cards once you reach the 1100 level. Solitaire Cruise was my choice. I decided to uninstall it. This review is for customer service/developer. Do not respond to it. It serves as notification that you have been told not to reply. If you reply, you are considered harassment. You could face criminal charges

This is a fun game that you can play even without internet. While it may not be as enjoyable, it can still be played. It can also serve as a challenge to your brain. The only reason it doesn't get 4 stars is that you need to wait for more coins to be able to collect them. This is the one and only problem I've seen.

Fun, colourful, and great graphics, Additive App A friend introduced me to the app and it's been a lot of fun. You can try it yourself. It's very challenging, but also quite cool. Cool upgrades. Game levels even more fun.

It's addictive and fun! They've grown greedy. They need to cover Jane's advertising and other costs. Although I have never been opposed to paying extra for the game, this is now unacceptable. I'm all for additional purchases.

They are more fun than they make you feel. Great expectations for 2022! Happy New Year.

To much theatre is not for me. If I want the game that I love, then I don't want to have to worry about all the extras.

It's nice that there are no ads and you can play many rounds. Although I enjoy the free play, ads can be annoying.

It has too much junk added to it.. it was incredible before, but now it's a pain..

The game is addictive. The bad part? I lost all my data when I switched to a new smartphone. To save my progress, I do not connect to Facebook. However, I did save my username in the hope that it would be possible to access this. It is not possible. You can now start over. Update: Game has stopped working on S22 phones. Fix it

My game has been restarted between 3 and 5 times since the last update. My phone has excellent RAM and memory, so I don't think it is hardware related. The screen freezes at 55%, and then the phone loads. It usually takes 3-5 attempts before it loads.

Level 50 is the highest level and it's expensive to play. I don't have enough coins for wild cards, extra cards, or help when I am short. Because you can't beat levels or get hourly coins from a farm, I will spend hours on the same level. They are so desperate for your cash.

Since the last update, it has been absolutely hopeless. The game freezes, and you will lose your credits when the game restarts. This is the worst!

It makes me think. This game will never be outdated. You take up a lot of space as you progress. My coins are used most efficiently on one level, no matter how many levels you go. It is becoming impossible for me to finish the stages and receive the awards. It was prohibitively expensive to keep purchasing coins. You need to figure out the rules before you play. This was one of my favorites. It's not like I feel robbed every day. L