Soccer Manager 2019 for PC

Soccer Manager 2019 for PC

Lead your team to glory!

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About Soccer Manager 2019 For PC

It's very interesting and sweet. This edition was better than the previous one so I decided to return and get it again. I would love it if you could add more countries or pre-season tournaments. Six stars.

It's a nice game, but please make SM22 compatible with all devices. I really enjoy soccer manager games.

This is an excellent game. You can have all of the players you choose depending on which data pack. It is difficult to make money for the club, unless you want to sell players.

A centre forward plays one-on-one with his opponent's keeper... then crosses the ball to the flanks like..

This game has been my favorite since 2019. However, the most recent version doesn't work on my phone. It keeps saying that an application is not installed.

I buy players between 30-40m and 26-30m for some of my other clubs. Why can't my other clubs purchase my players of equal value for the same price as i used to buy their counterpact? They just keep on going. Please fix this

You should allow other teams to bid on your players. Even if your player is placed on transfer list the price for that player's player must be reduced.

It's a great game. It's not perfect, but it's a fun and interesting game. If you could make champions league more real, it would be very appealing. Real Betis will be managed by Spain Laliga

I am addicted! I am addicted!

The game was perfect, but there are improvements to the transfer window. This means that teams should have the ability to offer for their players and not place them on the transfer lists.

This is a fun game. It's frustrating and boring that there's just one country you can choose from. Changes would be great for 2021. There are many options for 2018 and 2020. The fun base for 2018 and 2019 is much better than 2020. That will be a change I believe in 2021.

Excellent game, but there are still many improvements that could be made. The transfer section is particularly important. Swap deals should be possible with clubs.

I find it so frustrating that small teams, which i've never heard of winning against large teams such as barcelona. This just isn't logical.

I love this game more than Sm2020. I hope that 2021 is like it and not as slow as sm2020.

Excellent game, probably the best manager game available on the Play Store. My only problem is that I cannot seem to win any trophys no matter how talented or pathetic my team.