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Skool Loop for PC

School information app for parents and teachers throughout Australia and NZ

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About Skool Loop For PC

It's great for busy parents. It's not necessary to ask my granddaughter about school events.

This app is amazing. I can get the latest updates and the news letters, as well as the ability to send an absentee letter to my son. It all in one app.

It's very easy to find schools and choose the times you want for interviews, absent form, newsletters, or sign permission slips.

It's easy to track what's going on at school. It's easy to contact the school when my child is not there. It is easy to receive notices and newsletters, without needing to track down paper. This is very useful for busy whanau lives.

My granddaughter's Trenthem primary school WGTN has a lot of Christian morals. I want to thank her mentor for instilling these core values into her education.

This app is great for parents and admins. This app is so simple and helps parents stay up-to-date.

It's a great platform for keeping up with school announcements. Ie. It won't be lost amongst all the other emails. Only school space.

It's great to be kept informed about school issues, especially Covid which affects so many. It is great to be kept up-to-date. Many thanks!

This app makes it so easy for parents to access school information. Although my son is at the intermediate level, all primary schools are available to him. This should be used.

It's amazing that parents can keep in touch with school news and other important information.

It's a great way to stay in touch with your school and all the happenings. It would be wonderful if you could open the links directly from within defilt browser. Otherwise, it's great.

The app is very convenient with an easy-to-use interface. I love the absence form and current noticeboard. Five stars for me

It used to be fantastic, but notifications seem less frequent these days (i.e. It doesn't even give me any updates or notifications unless I am actively searching for them. Love the idea and user interface.

The app is so much easier than email. This app has everything you need about school notifications, sports, up-coming events and school trips.