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AuthorCheetah Mobile Inc. (sketch Guru)

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Screen Guru has received many compliments. Thank you so much for the artistic enhancements to my concert shots and personal photos.

This app has been very helpful in obtaining a number of photos. All the options worked for me. My Sony Xperia has never had problems.

The Fab App... has a variety of options to apply any image. You can adjust and save your pencil sketches as you go through the editing process. Your final draft can be uploaded to any number of social media platforms, as well as saved to your smartphone gallery.

It is becoming harder and harder to locate this app! It is no longer available in Google Play Store so I had to search for it.

It's very handy .... It allows me to easily make a sketch with a pencil of my sister ...... Now I can give her the image by adding an artistic touch... This app ....... was a great choice.

Is there a way to purchase the app? The adds are annoying. Annoying!! They need to stop! What is the price? We are grateful. (dont get me wrong. I would love to buy the app, it's so amazing! (I'll rate it higher if you give me buy option)

Sure... Although it's not Photoshop, GIMP or any other similar program, there are some filters that can be used with ease. It takes 6 to 7MB of space and has intuitive controls. It is not a photo-drawing app. This app renders light/dark and resolution effects in order to create textures. The "Ads "..." section is the same. They've so far been minimal and non-obtrusive.

This is a wonderful tool. I use it to make sketches and see the results. It should be available to everyone.

My favorite thing about turning photos into pencil sketches is how much I enjoy it. It's a bummer that text cannot be added, but it is possible to send a sketched photo to other apps, which allows me to add text!