SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter for PC

SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter for PC

Intense FPS Action in this Realistic Tactical Shooter with Real Guns & Tactics

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AuthorSHD Games

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About SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter For PC

This game is an incredible masterpiece. The only problem with it is the difficulty of the controls.

Lo amo, e il migliore FPS d'android, i prezzi dei Armi non sono molto altissimi e posso godere di un buon tempo giocando da solo. 5 stelle senza paura di sbagliarmi

I need to correct the problem at the mid-mode on my apartment. When i fire my gun, and after the boss scene with the boss retreating, my gun suddenly starts firing and my gun never lets me fire or reload ammo.

I love the design but hate the fact that it lags and hostages are held hostage.

It is by far the best game. It is stunningly beautiful, both in graphics and cutsscenes. This game has been with me for about 1.5 weeks now and I know all the basic concepts. The Hotel Bossfight in Windhoek (South Africa) has one flaw. You can't fire to manually reload or switch between secondary and primary fires after you have destroyed the boss's helmet. Please fix this bug. Still the coolest tactical shooter that I have ever played.

Although the beginner pack said that there were no ads, I still received ads each time I died. What can you do?

Edit: I really enjoy the game. It took me a while to learn the missions, and it cost me a lot of currency in the store. But I succeeded! You guys are doing a great job! !

It's a good game. I have a problem. The parkade hell last enemy can't be seen & displayed its gliches. Time mediam-hard to fix the traninig mode. I can't finish the cabin because i cannot unlock Hack & play kill Enemy, and then in the middle of Now, this game won't move, it's gliches. I can't rescue 3 hostages at once, it is really irritating. Fix Embassy Mission Mediam-Har.

It's a great game with good graphics and easy controls. The problem is there's not enough. There aren’t many levels, and there aren’t any premium guns or don’t cost money. You also need money after some time to get more things done. Although the game was very enjoyable, I found it a little boring after 3 days.

It's the most amazing shooter that I have ever seen. It seems that the developer has abandoned it. They haven't updated this game in over 2 years, and I don't get any response to my emails asking them to transfer my account to another phone. They should make a game similar to this one or other models. It is responsive, fun, and I love the upgrades and guns.

This game is excellent. Please add another mission. You can also add bullpup rifles such as iwi Tavor and qbz.

This game is amazing! You should make more missions. I finished it all, and I am bored.

It was a nice game. This game could be improved. It's an excellent shoter game. Keep up the good work!

It's a good game, a great game. However data cannot be shared between devices. I have done this 5 times.

It is a cool game. We can move our hand guns, animations and kill terrorists. Also we have the ability to talk and talk.