Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY for PC

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY for PC

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY app for play at participating Albertsons stores

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About Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY For PC

This app was recommended by Safeway/Carrs. You can win tickets by completing certain purchases each time that you shop. Even though it didn't result in anything, I had a lot of fun with the game. I won $10, and got free food and other items.

Although it worked well, scanning all of the codes failed to work. Overall it was an excellent app.

Although the idea is brilliant, the app can be slow. When you need to input dozens or dozens of codes, it is time-consuming. It is not worth what you might save.

It's horrible, and it is a terrible way to make Jewel feel. It's better to open the packages and use them than to have to download an app. They don't count on anyone using them or losing anything, so all the old people gave theirs to me.

The contest is as absurd as this app. It wouldn't work if you couldn't enter the numbers. Stop this time-wasting contest.

It's a terrible format that can make it difficult to win. You usually received a modest prize, which felt like something worth having. It's not worth your time.

The program was so random that there were patterns to winning. We only use a loaf each time we need french bread. Because the game wasn't random, her church found recipients for seven French bread loaves as well as half a dozen can vegetables. The 26 16.9 oz. bottles I received, I retained. I kept the 26 individual 16.9 oz. bottles, one large Tide bottle, and 6 packs of 7.5 Oz Dr. Pepper.

The new digital monopoly is the most dangerous. Not everyone has a phone or a mobile phone, as many people may believe. There are many places that sell digital games, including radio stations and stores. These are not customer-friendly. You may be tempted to say "Get with the times" but many of us older than 60 don't have the technology and cannot access the prize pool. Safeway Manopoly offered me prizes I couldn't reserve or win, so I went shopping at other shops.

It's super easy to organize all your game pieces, and much more convenient than using the board that you found in Sunday papers.

My scan isn't working in the App. I've collected more than 100 tickets at Vons. You have to be seriously kidding me.

Monopoly was more enjoyable than the game itself. Although I did win some groceries, I have not won the larger prizes. Perhaps next year.

They aren't very fun to use or redeem. Some of the coupon codes didn't work, and I preferred the monopoly board set-up by Shaw's to the online version.

It would be a waste of time to try and scan codes or type them in. This program is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly in all of gaming history. First, the scanner was not visible to me. Even the internet couldn't tell me the location of the button. What a waste of time! It isn't worth the time and I will just dump my 75 tickets. It is obvious that they think we have better things to do than to give us these tickets. Although the old program had fewer problems, this is the most horrible.'re not the designers of a game that is easy to use!

Safeway Monopoly is absurd! You can scan the instant winner into the app to get it. Safeway has lost a loyal long-time customer.

It is terrible to scan. It takes a ridiculous amount of clicking before it scans again. It's worse than Albertson’s shopping app.