SAP Authenticator for PC

SAP Authenticator for PC

Enhance the security of your sensitive systems with SAP Authenticator.

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AuthorSAP SE

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About SAP Authenticator For PC

It does not work with Android 12. !!! Do not ask here for support tickets. This review is for the team who are responsible for engaging the developers. Reduce the complexity...listen to your customers, even if you are not their colleagues, they still use your app. This must be fixed.

After changing my phone, it now asks for a QR code. However, I'm not receiving the QR code for my password reset page. Help!

Can we skip it? The error message is that the one-time passcode has been sent. SCAN is an option. However, QR codes are available.

In this instance, options and right-click (next) will not be displayed if we switch the theam mode to dark. Normal mode allows us to see all available options

This app is not compatible with my Samsung M51 Android device. Please help me with this?

The app does not work as it should. It is not capable of scanning the QR code. This app is not going to work in the future. SAP must move all other applications.

Useless. It is completely useless. It doesn't work. It is not clear how the app made it to Google Play App Store.

This can be very frustrating when you need to change to a different device. There is also no way to get help.

If I have an RSA key already, then why should I need to install it on my smartphone? Why not just use Google auth? It's a sad moment.

This application is necessary because sap already has many applications in use. More than this, this app can't scan the data and will require you to install another application.