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Sandata Mobile Connect for PC

Sandata Mobile Connect is a Home Health Care mobile solution.

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CategoryHealth & Fitness
AuthorSandata Technologies

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About Sandata Mobile Connect For PC

The app is still not available on the Galaxy S20+ 3 months after its release. The fields are all moving and jittering to the point that I can't enter data. This must be fixed so that I can get to work. !

This app has been my go-to for more than a year. The app is very slow. It is very slow. It will only allow me to log in for half of the day. It takes the other half between 4 and 9 minutes to sign out for the day. It takes me at most 4 to 9 minutes just to log off for the day. I cannot clock out at least twice a week. If I can, I must leave the client's house and go to the nearby gas station. This app is clearly not functional.

This app needs to be fixed. The app is slow, and it's not responding to my touch. Since the last update, I haven't been able clock in or out on time. I had no problems up until this update. This needs to be fixed immediately.

The new update was able to be used again. (Edit). It is nice to see that the app has received so many reviews from people who had issues. *The app is not available to me. The app will not pick up my fingers. I have been told to delete the app and then reinstall it. My employer must clock me in and out. I have not received any helpful answers and it is overall not a great app.

This app has been working fine for me for two years. The response time has suddenly become unacceptablely slow. When it came time to change my password, it allowed me to do so but locked me out every time.

It almost never functions fully. When the APP stops working, expect to be able to delete and reload. This happens at LEAST TWICE a MONTH, if not more often every week. If you ask me, this app was created by children to be a joke.

This app is a pain lately. The clock takes forever. It is impossible to close the app, restart the app or exit it repeatedly.

Complete garbage. This is the reality of my job. The program crashes or freezes half of the time, and it isn't user-friendly or intuitive. This program is probably government-created. This program would not survive in the private market.

The app was working fine initially, but it then took me two minutes to log into and five to clock in. Now when I want to clock out, it redirects me to the clock out page.

Awful!! It won't allow me to log in for work. An error message keeps popping up saying API Key Invalid. This is the first time I've had this problem. So my employer does not know what this is, so I cannot log in grrr .........

It took me weeks to log in and even get my clock clocked. Anyone who is forced to do this should be grateful. I am ready to leave the job I love because of this. Earning a living shouldn't seem so difficult.

When you try to clock out your screen goes blank or it lags, resulting in late clock in/out times. Even though you signed in two minutes earlier, when you attempt to choose resumes or complete the visit, the screen turns black and you are often met with the "loading circle".

This app is not compatible with Android and Apple. It runs just as smoothly as one would expect from officials in the State who don't know what they are doing. To register, you need patience. You must touch each choice multiple times. Although you can use fingerprints, it will still require that you remember a password which is constantly changing. Mobile sign-in is not allowed if security is important. It's neither efficient nor convenient.

The app is extremely slow. To get it to work, you have to keep pounding the button. With this, I clock in/out. It does not make work more stress-free. The phone can also get so hot that it burns you when you use the app. You are not getting high quality updates. You take over 10 minutes to clock-in and 15 to clock-out. UNACCEPTABLE

It is horrible. When I log in to check out, it states that I am clocked in but it never says it. The app freezes all the time, it takes three minutes to load and then even more to clock out.