Safepad Notepad for PC

Safepad Notepad for PC

A safe place to store your personal information

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About Safepad Notepad For PC

Although I thought I'd lost my data, I synchronized to my Google account. All my information was still there. Everything was automatically synchronized.

This app was great until my phone got a new model. My notes disappeared when I log in to the old phone.

Baby Surperb. It's my favorite app. This app beats other sorry applications. In my eyes, you're number one. Beautifully done. Continue great work. Amazing teamwork.

Logout is impossible, I can't log in to any other email account and all my information that was saved after the .... help update are gone.

Sir, I've been using this app for 3 years. I would like to recover my notes. I changed my mobile phone and want to use it again.

After logging in, the main page now shows the contents of your details before you tapped the heading.

I have been using Vry Gud App for 5 years. Recently, however, I have been unable to access it. It opens when I give it a password and then it disappears. Any one have any ideas?

Completely locked. You cannot open the door with a security password or a secure word to reset. SECURE INFORMATION LOST to ME Is anyone able to access my personal information? ?.

This app is horrible. My account won't open because I forgot my password. I don't get any recovery mai after I click on forgotten password.

This app is horrible. It was terrible. After I entered the correct password, I saw the secret question answer and it confirmed that I had typed the right answer. This problem must be fixed.

It says I need to enter a new password in order to access the app. I did so and then it refused to let me in. !

This app doesn't allow me to connect to my Google Account. Please help me get back my notes.

All alignments in the current notepad version are now on a single line. This is called note scrolling. Please adjust the settings so that each user is able to align the object they desire. Please note also that the keyboard key for enter isn't working.

It is a very useful app it is really necessary to secure personal information or notes. It's a great app.

Why does this App suddenly not open? The app has been working for over a year. It is now impossible for me to get in. Numerous times, I have sent feedback and rebooted. My information is very important to me. HELP