Relaxing Music 2019 for PC

Relaxing Music 2019 for PC

Improve your life, perfect anti-stress application for meditation and relaxation

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About Relaxing Music 2019 For PC

Amazing music collection. It would be great if ads could be removed. The pro option can be enabled, but it cannot be turned on for any reason.

The app is unique and great for novices to expert .....This app provides me with unique power ...... Makers, thank you!

Fantastic! This app is finally longer than an hour, and doesn't have ads. The selection of items they offer is incredible. This app is amazing!

The best app for relaxing and insomnia that I've found. There are many songs to choose from. It is amazing! It is possible to adjust the time by clicking on the time given, click through 3 times and then click the 3 dots. Choose shuttle mode. Say no. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it was unable to control its own mind.

It is a truly amazing app. You can relax and enjoy soothing sounds and music. There are many options and every piece can be played on its own loop. This app is highly recommended.

There is a huge selection of music that you can listen to while you sleep or chill, but it stops after two weeks. Each track is unable to buffer or displays "error accessing an audio file". Reinstalling didn't fix it. Before the app is worth downloading, Dev must fix it. They should also add an option to save favorite tracks to make it easier to locate them later.

Outstanding app! This app is amazing! Anyone can find help to improve their quality of living, regardless of age. This app is so much fun!

This app is amazing, guys! Marvelous music!! Please allow us to get it for offline play, if you would like a premium version. Keep doing amazing things! !

The best app I have used so far.. there are so many soothing songs to choose from, and it is perfect for nighttime sleep.

This is the best app! The music is amazing and so relaxing. It's the best app I have ever used. It is my favorite app. It is truly amazing.

It is very helpful in meditation, yoga, and difficult sleeping. It is soothing and helps with stress. It brings me a sense of calm. This is a great product that I would recommend.

Great sound. There are many music genres to choose from. It is easy to use. It makes it easy to relax and allow me to sleep well. Good job. It is highly recommended. We are grateful.

7/9/21...Excellent...allows deeper concentration and focus while working...continues doing what it was meant to do...consentration mediation relaxation...will induce sleep, if necessary... 21/6/22...It's still the best relaxation app I have used. It keeps me focused and engaged while I do other things.

Although there are many apps that offer relaxing music, this is the one I love. It has many songs that I can listen to and allows me to choose from the various instruments. This app is amazing.

This app is amazing! I especially love that they have stopped interrupting music with advertisements. It is great for meditation and tai-chi. It was quiet for a while, but it has now been restored.