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Radio Garden for PC

Listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.

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AuthorStudio Puckey

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Your app said that stations in the UK are temporarily unavailable, but it gives website inks. Garden live can also get these. yproblems at first after update. I deleted the cash partition, reinstalled and it works now on my s10plus. I would like to see a search option for Original Experimental music and an option to view a map of the country. Keep at it.

It's great for discovering new stations and unusual radio stations. I found seal FM here. Unfortunately, I cannot listen to anything beyond the UK at this time. This is disappointing as there are a few stations that I love and can still hear. We hope this is fixed soon

SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER LOVEEE !!!!! This app is still unknown to many and I discovered it only in 2022 ????. This means I no longer need to wear earphones to hear radio, nor do I need a music playlist! It's so much easier!

Access to non-UK stations is impossible from the UK. Although "temporary", no explanation was given. I would like to be able to get an explanation. I emailed them last week, but they did not respond.

This app has been on my tablet and phone for 3 years. I find it to be an inspiring source of music and culture from all corners of the globe. However, it appears as though the UK user cannot access any stations from outside of the UK at the moment. I am not liable for this and don't blame the developers. The App has not received any updates or patches in the past, so I believe that this is an outside problem. This could be due to changes in UK data laws.

You can't hear anything outside the UK. This app doesn't have any value.

Your app is great for finding cool radio stations and I enjoy listening to them. The only problem with this app is that I need to sleep to be able to hear it at night. After a certain time (say 20 minutes), the auto-off feature will be activated. This is a feature that I cannot find in the app. Is there a way to add it?

Amazing app, very easy and fast. I also like the background music. It's great to have while at the gym. This app is great! It's a shame that I cannot listen to countries outside the UK. This has happened since my first use of this app.

Brilliant!! Brilliant!

The UK can no longer listen to any stations outside the UK. Everything outside of the UK is now blocked. There is no explanation for why. It's great for everyone else.

Even though it's not from overseas, the sound is crystal clear. Radio is not only a garden, but a paradise to me. Good news is that I can listen to radio via internet.

It's not fully functional, cannot get to stations in the UK. Hopefully this will be fixed. This is a shame, as it's so cool. Although you can bypass the issue with VPN, it would be easier to not need one.

This is a great idea. I use many radio streaming apps, but it makes it seem like you are traveling around the globe. There are many areas that could be improved, but it is still a great app. It was a great job and well worth the little donation. EDIT. It's not a UK station, but I am giving it two stars.

Try RADIO BOX This app KEEPS OUT EVERY 20 SECONDS Temporarily will not stream stations from outside the UK. When there are so many radio apps that still offer this feature? While I can understand the legal concerns, it is only radio stations. Previous: It was fine after I reinstalled, but lost my favorites. This is something to consider for future updates. Previous..not as stable anymore. Crashes quite frequently (getting worse). Google Maps doesn't zoom properly anymore. Inadequate maintenance.

This app is fantastic and allows you to access worldwide radio. It's a shame that they have stopped UK listeners from tuning into stations other than UK.