Pocket Tarneeb for PC

Pocket Tarneeb for PC

Pocket Tarneeb, the most unique Tarneeb game in store, get it now!

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AuthorFanella Productions

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About Pocket Tarneeb For PC

The problem is that cards don't always get dealt randomly in this game. The problem with this game is that the cards aren't randomly dealt.

It's a terrible game. You can't choose who you play with, and there are no chatting options. People curse and you can't get them to quit the game. There's also no way to report people that don't work.

Kicking from a game without giving a reason is very foolish. If your partner leaves the game, you'll find the program very confusing and dull. The group that created it has no idea how to use it. ltHdyth ljdyd khl~ ll`b@ shklh msh Hlw lmfrwD n twzy` lwrq ybqy " rndwm" bs lly `ml lbrnmj bt` twzy` lwrq Hb qwl@ n " rndwm" dy tbqy.......

This is an excellent game, but I just wanted to mention that when the other mate is "dakek", you can also see his best and longest.

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It won't let you change your password, or create a new account.

The game is not fair and there are many players who can cheat. Many players continue to send racist, threatening and hateful messages, even though they are not banned.

Game chat with abusive players using insulting language and no moderators responding. The worst game of team match, you'll lose if you are playing with someone below you in the bronze rank. The worst stunts in team matching are those that involve an offensive or inexplicable way. It is impossible for a game to encourage hatred so much, and still allow people to play it. This is because it's the most popular software used by Egyptians for playing tarneeb and yet has the weakest operating team.

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I lost the password to my account. I couldn't log in. I sent numerous emails to your support to try to get help. But, no response.