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PASSsystem for PC

Intuitive and easy, PASSsystem empowers care professionals wherever they are.

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My pass app won't let me in because it says my Android phone is not compatible. I have tried every trick to get in, but I don't know how. I need help.

Samsung S20fe does not support the new update. It is recommended to update the app. View only option available in the new update. No tag in option .

It's not good. It logs you out while on the phone. It doesn't display the client start or finish times once you log in, so it is best to remember this when you are on the phone.

Surprising news: Some forms don't allow you to see the contents of your keyboard because they are below it. It's difficult to see what you've written before saving because the windows are too small. Before the recent update, it was a good app. Please wind it back

It seems to work for most people, however, i cannot seem to locate a way to use Google Maps to guide me to where I need to be.

This app was originally 3 stars. However, the android version recant update is terrible ....a session plan that is too large for the phone makes it difficult to read what you are writing. You have to constantly take the keyboard off in order to correct any errors, making it twice as slow ..... not impressed.

After the old Pass worked, it stopped responding to my request to get the New Pass ..... I've waited two days and am still waiting for this app to be downloaded.

Clicking to log in to a call, or to vew a call should give you another option. This will allow you to go directly to your Google Maps app and set a route.

It's a bit clunky. It could be better. The interface isn't intuitive. The daily feed should have all the information so that you do not need to click on each log individually to see its contents. Log my Care is a much better app.

Not impressed. You need to be kicked out of this app completely in order for the updated rota to come through. We don't want any missed calls. It is not necessary to enter our password each time, so it would be a good idea to take us completely out. It would be nice to have a timer so that we can see how long it has been since we last called. The date would also be useful, and not only the day of week.

It is impossible to use because of the constant updates. The software is constantly updated and staff are regularly logged out. All of them have new smartphones.

App Feedback You can see the categories Medication, Nutrition and Tasks. You should also make sure that the call ends at the bottom. This will ensure your next call remains at the top.

The updates app is very user-friendly and logs you in. It is however a good app. I like the fact that any communication can be seen. I can view medical history as well as what has happened during previous calls. This system also allows you to fill out accident/incident forms.

If I had to give stars, I would. This is a terrible app. If you don't log in, the call that you delivered won't load. You can't return to the previous entry if you hit the End button. If you are not within a good signal range, it may take a while to download the file.

Android 7 won't support this. Are you aware of the consequences? The impact of care workers not being paid a fair wage and likely to be using new, sparkly devices is not something they can expect. Employers won't reimburse the cost of new smartphones, so they are forced to buy them. This will lead to more people leaving a job market already struggling. Pray that if you have a need for home healthcare, they will be there! It is essential to restore backward compatibility in this app, which many users don't have right now.