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This app was downloaded today. Logging in went well ,... but it was so boring. Scrolling and liking the posts was all I did. There were very few comments. Twitter is my favorite app. It's better than Parler. Parler was like a dead town with very few people commenting. This is probably due to the low number of users. This is why I don't recommend it.

I back Kanye, All Lives Matter. I JUST MADE A ACCOUNT. When I looked through 1 star reviews, there were a lot of errors by users and mistakes made by karen/kevins. Most likely, democrat trolling. We hate the fact that we can speak out.

This is not a game of "try to create a new account". The password that I have created is no longer valid after it states it has been installed. This needs to be fixed by developers. Uninstalled. You may try again after a year. If I had to, zero stars.

The app crashes frequently when I switch screens, refresh the feed or change screen resolutions. It's a brand new phone. Fix it.

N A Z App. This app is used by brainwashed conservatives to propagandize their ideology. The app does not support free speech.

It wouldn't allow me to join, kept refusing to give me a username, must have been a far left controlled platform !!!! You are responsible for your actions.

Inability to register. I am not able to sign up. It might be possible to get another star if I ever get the chance to use it.

The app is great, however it doesn't feel very refined. The biggest problem is the literal meaning of "back" which means to refresh your screen, and then lose where you were. Personally, I would like the screen to take you physically back to where you were.

Use Parler to tell #BigTech and their #BigTechCensorship lying suppressing authoritarian asses how they are pushing it. Aside from minor to moderate growing pains, due to its surging growth as people realize how much the authoritarians, the socialists-communists lie to them in big media, it's a decent app. Download Parler and say screw it to the extremist leftist self-professed communists, as exposed in leaked messages of Twitter.

My old account isn't working anymore, and it won't allow me to create a new one.

You want a better sharing option. You can also create Group Discussion Pages on the platform like FB. You can also use the Messenger feature. It has a great overall design.

You're now back in Play Store. Why doesn't Parler show up in the available apps list when you click "share"? Truth Social, Twitter and every social media app are there, except Parler.

I can't sign in. I keep getting "invalid" user names, and then it stops me from signing in because my "parameters are wrong". To sign up for an account that is finally open, there are so many hurdles and frustrations. There are captchas and invalid usernames and password creations.

This app's description includes the word "neutral" which is absurd. It is so ridiculous that I've ever seen it.

Although I was excited to see the return of the app, it is a complete pain! The app is slow to open, and keeps signing me in and logging me out. It would get a lower score if I could! !