Network Signal Info for PC

Network Signal Info for PC

An easy to use Wifi (WLAN) and Mobile network information app.

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AuthorKAIBITS Software GmbH

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About Network Signal Info For PC

This app is the most informative I've ever seen. It was a lot of work. This app is a winner in my book. If I had to, would give it 10 stars. Outstanding!

App is good, some buttons are for bar level indicator crash app. It's not a problem. Provides valuable information. You would like to see the frequency and band that is currently being used.

It is very useful to find out about the coverage of my cell tower. This tells me that I am in coverage gaps and may need to change carriers.

This has been my favorite tool for over a week. Today, I was presented with a full-screen video advertisement that I couldn't get rid of. Although I love the technology, ads such as this one are horrible.

It works well except that the data widget does not work on Android Moto. No matter which settings I made, the widget is empty and doesn't show any information.

It was a huge help in finding dead wifi zones and setting up extenders. Widget reports my network status as unknown and channels 0 even though it has all the information.

Refresh is not working No dual sim support. While I enjoyed the widgets as they were working, I am now searching for alternative options. If it was functional and multi-sim, I would gladly pay for the pro version

It is feature-packed and has a simple layout. The Signal strength chart is a great tool. The slider menu is more user-friendly than the refresh button. The cell location does not work. It incorrectly displays the half-way point of the country's mobile phone (1.204.350 meters). The 3 stars rating is due to the expectation that the Pro app purchased will work correctly.

My job is in the oilfield, and I use Cell Signal Boosting Equipment every day. It is life-saving. It does all the work for you. This app is for you if you have a Directional Antenna, or Omni Directional Antenna. It is also useful when RVing. It allows you to see where your campground's wifi is located. The map feature plots the signal origin so you can instantly spot fake wifi hotspots. This app is amazing. Great job.

It gave me all the information that I required to convince my provider I needed a network extender in my area. It is easy to use, and very intuitive.

This app helped me reach the end of my tether. It runs in the background and consumes 20% battery. There is no way to turn it off. You will need to stop the program and restrict access to data using android controls. They are probably making money by selling the data they have collected. You also get ads in free apps, but these are more irritating than normal apps. The app functionality is excellent so it would be a great choice if you intend to only install the app once and then delete it.

Excellent app to diagnose wireless connections. It is great to know what's happening when you have poor cellular connection.

Do not work with lg bill 3 The tower that I am using with the free version of Android maps needs to be dead zione notification and SD storeg. Signal refreshing is possible.

The product performs as advertised. Radio gym shorts you had from college are they redoed?

Although the app is good, it's not great to see that developers aren't interested in user feedback or comments. You can draw your own conclusions.