Nepali Bible for PC

Nepali Bible for PC

Nepali Bible android app to access Nepali Holy Bible on the go.

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About Nepali Bible For PC

How can I download it from the app store ....? Please make this available on app store. I need it in my iPad .......... Also, please add dark mode options to this app.

Sabai kura ramro xa but tyo kunai word search garera verse khojnu parda nikai garo hunxa. Word milira hudaina. Word search lai alo banaindinu ho.

Although the App is user-friendly and nice, I believe that dark mode could be more useful for everyone.

The app is a major breakthrough in the history of Christianity in Nepal. We are grateful to the team for their digital solutions for churches in Nepal and around the globe.

Sir. Sir, please log in system banau nu

yo baaibl eps sbaibhndaa upyogii t ch tr ysmaa paatthhruko shirsskhru diieko chain yo pni diieko bhe upyogii maaninthyo r lekhkhrule lekhn anurodh pni grdchu taaki haamii jstaa paatthkhruko laagi pddhn bujhn sjilo bheko hos

This app has been 5 stars because it is very helpful to me for bookmarks and other purposes. Although I tried to find the same version in ISO, I could not locate it. I am grateful for your creation of such an amazing Nepali Bible app on Android. The same topic is needed and the blank space to save it.