Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Collect, Train & Battle rare monsters! Build a world in an online PvP RPG game!

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It would have been great if there were fewer ads and less hatching time.

It's an excellent game that allows you to upgrade your monsters, but it takes a long time to obtain gems/food exe. This is very frustrating but also fun. There are so many ADDS

I don't know why but I keep failing to receive the gold token. Now, I also did not get the golden halloween token. (I watched several ads just to get back to school token but didn't see any.) I hope that one day soon. I swear, I'll rate you 5 star once i got golden token. I want doomsday monster

Hi, I really enjoyed the game. However, I downloaded it via rainimator's "minecraft Song Maker" link. But i didnt get the gold and food he promised so please do something.

This game is great and I have been playing it for six years. I'm at the silver league now and I'm facing 150 monster with level ten ruin. It's so unfair and unbalanced that I'm not sure if I should keep playing.

I LOVE THIS GAME, BUT please bring back the old rusd, pls bring back when you could get the seasonal monster cells in the multiplayer chest. Also, i will be glad to make the stories into comics, but please, i am begging! It needs to be updated in the new era. ?

Bruh, I cannot play it. It says to update it. I'm not sure what to do. But after i completeisis it tells me to upgrade.

Bro, I love this game so much. It's like I'm a child and I'm a grownup.

This game has no voice today. I click on live duels but don't attake why?. Today, I report.

This game is great! I've been playing it for many years. It is not a game that you should only play once in awhile, but overall it is an excellent game.

You can have fun with it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a game I have played for many years. It's a fun, enjoyable and rewarding way to play.

While it's enjoyable, there are a few things I think could be improved. Sometimes they switch sides between using gems and waiting, which can sometimes lead to gems being used that you've been saving. It would be a good idea to increase the gold that you receive for winning multiplayer games. It's not a compliment to get 5000 gold for winning multiplayer matches if you are in gold. You should switch to eating.

Although it is a good game, the game has been so aggressively monetized. While I don't mind spending money on a constantly developing game, the game pushes you to pay up. It's like you're constantly being bombarded with 'offers,' all of which link to the shop. You feel like you are fighting just to play. This is the most commercialized and aggressive game I have ever seen. Extremely, very predatory. It's possible to get free stuff, but that is a drop in the ocean.

Just to say that if not for Jeremiah, I wouldn't have known anything about the monster legends. In dedication to Jeremiah, my nephew who lost his life prematurely, I will continue playing this game until it is no more available.