Midnight Castle: Hidden Object for PC

Midnight Castle: Hidden Object for PC

A dark mystery of hidden objects for your tablet is here!

Midnight Castle: Hidden Object for PC Details

AuthorBig Fish Games

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About Midnight Castle: Hidden Object For PC

I need you to update my game. This is a request from me.

I went to visit my daughter and had to remove the game because it was constantly shutting off. It was still there when I returned home so I installed it once more. It finally worked again and I did not lose any data. It's back where it was. This game is very enjoyable. The only issue I am having is that I need to use Facebook for one game, where I must submit an article in order to win the game. But I cannot uninstall Facebook as it will prevent me from finishing the game. That doesn't make my happy. Four **** are my recommendations.

It is very enjoyable and fun. You find items and you can make them.

The best game available. It was a fantastic game. There are so many activities to keep you busy. So much detail FOR ALL HIDDEN OBJECTS PEEPS

It's a good hidden object game. It can get confusing as you need to go back and forth, back and forth. This takes time.

I've played for many years, but I always start over every time I buy a new computer. Although it can be expensive, I have to admit that it is worth every penny. Even though it is expensive, I find that it keeps me entertained.

How the hell am I doing it? ? There are no explanations. It's just a mess of things and places. It was hard to know what I should be doing.

You are looking for an easy hidden object game with great graphics, calm music, and not any ads. You will love this game.

This game is a great favorite of mine. It has so many levels and it's really fun.

Although it was slow, you can now revisit different areas and play the tournaments faster. The night mode is not my favorite feature of the new version. It's still a good game. The only thing I dislike about it is the level 21 requirement for the number of white tickets to make the items.

It was fantastic at the beginning. It wouldn't let me in at level 4. It was almost as though it had frozen. It wouldn't let me continue, even though I tried twice to unistal it.

When I attempted to transfer my entire hard work, it put me at level 2.

It was a terrible app. When I first installed it on my smartphone, the game would not load . This made me very frustrated . NECESSARY UPDATE

This game is great, but you can't make friends with users of ipads only. I love it!

This game is a joy to play. It's perfect for Android, even though it was originally designed for tablets. We are grateful for this great game.