Manor Cafe for PC

Manor Cafe for PC

Solve match-3 puzzles, design your restaurant house, live your story!

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About Manor Cafe For PC

It was fun and challenging. I'd have given it 5 stars. However, the only thing that I didn't love about the game is how expensive boosters were. They also don't offer daily bonus. The only reason I don't receive them is that they are not available to me. Other than that, I can still enjoy this game.

It takes so many stars, moves and turns to finish a section of the game like the wedding garden. It gets very monotonous

Till now, I was really enjoying this game. Now I have 848 points and it is impossible to beat. It's impossible to win it, as the cupcakes continue falling and the blocks are hard.

Although it's a fun game and addictive, the player must play each level in order to finish a task such as cleaning out the freezer or the counter. This takes some time.

It is the most enjoyable match game that I have ever played. Without spending money or using all of your boosts, you can go a lot farther.

It is a very enjoyable game.

It is not true, the episodes are over. They are up to 400 stars, which is over 800 stars. Now over 1000 stars cannot use them. Are they still available? If it is, I'll move on. New level updates Yes, I do have great internet. When will new areas be available to build? That is how stars work.

It's easy when you start, but it gets difficult as you progress. Give more moves to the hardest levels

This game is a joy to me. The storyline is great and you have the option to choose what decorations. This game is one that I would recommend to all my family and friends.

It's interesting so far and it keeps you playing...if the storyline continues, i will probably give 5 stars...wait...ok...i changed my rating to 5 stars

Excellent game, very useful and enjoyable. I'm proud to have been a part.

Level 2149 has a glitch, and I cannot get enough of the muffins before they vanish. Also, I got 2 hours of boosters free. Might have to remove them.

This is my first time playing it. I am just starting to play but I think the puzzles are very good. I don't mind being pestered by ads, but I do not have any issues with them bugging me.