LTS Connect for PC

LTS Connect for PC

LTS Connect is a video surveillance software.

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This needs a lot more work. Time stamping doesn't work for playback... It shows motion detection lines, but it misses actual times. We will review each minute that isn't necessary. The recording is stored on NVR and it won't skip to the motion detected stamp. This is fluid, but not spectacular. Portrait mode has a smaller screen size. Basic things such as the ability to arrange different cameras on your home screen were not considered by developers. There is no

It doesn't connect all the time. The connection is just a series of circles that try to make it work. It bounced back my email address. This app was MVNS when Binused to love it. It's now a disaster and it costs me a lot of money to use an app that does not work.

It is almost worthless. The interface is so poor that the person who designed it must have never actually used it. Perhaps next time they try to create something that consumers can use, they'll actually get it tested with them.

Horrible. It says "Connect to failure" with multiple error codes. The app slows down and flutters when trying to upload the current footage.

It is used at my dog's daycare facility and boarding place. The system keeps repeatedly asking me for my password. Email sent to the developer was not returned.

Camaras are not loading live, and the app keeps failing to load. The manufacturer refused to help me. They said that only the person who installed the system could help. The worst experience. Don't purchase.

Piece of junk. I am unable to view past recordings. I have four cameras that can record live but cannot look back. I was quoted $390 by the installer and then charged $2700. Not happy.

It is not possible to view recordings. This is the purpose of the app. Live viewing is possible, but recordings are not. I am able to spin and time me out of any 3 cameras, however.

What is the best way to get it back online? The app's basic setup is fine. However, it is very frustrating when my phone is not connected to the internet.

The cameras are great and I love the quality of their work. But, if the app doesn't work 60% of the time, what good is it? It doesn't load, or just stops randomly working.

There is no after-sales support for developers. This is unacceptable especially for authorized repair and resellers. Please fix this.

Lags!!!. Upload view is not possible for all cameras. Each camera will be marked as failing, and each must be tapped individually. It is not often that even this works.

This software is great, but the fast forward function was removed from my smartphone after I upgraded it. If I want to see an event, I must watch it second by second. This button must be enabled.

After using this app for a while, I've had an acceptable experience. The only issues I have with this app are the difficulty of setting it up and not being able to link it to Alexa or Google Assistant.

It works when it is working, but it has been down for over a week. Rebooted. Nothing. There is no way to contact anyone.