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Stay connected with instant alerts and video from compatible security cameras.

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The app works well, but the doorbell does not appear on my screen. Just a toast notification. It would be great if you could remove the need to log in each time you open the app. This way, I can have immediate access to all my cameras. Notifications were extremely annoying after the latest update. I used to set sound effects for my doorbell and camera alarms. These alerts are not lasting forever and only ring the doorbell for one camera alarm. Please fix this!

Since the installation of cameras one year ago, all my notifications have been turned off (vehicle/person). Today, I began receiving notifications even though all my 8 cameras were disabled from the app. My doorbell is the only notification I would like to receive. It's annoying to receive a notification every five minutes, even though I don't know if it was updated. Just double-checked that all my notifications were removed from the app.

To replace my trash Swann system, I bought a Lorex poe and three doorbell cameras. Surprise, Lorex also is total trash. One doorbell camera is missing an ir lamp and poe cameras can pick up trucks and cars even though they're not on the grid. Their over seas customer support is pushing you to the limit and trying to stress you out. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. LOREX SHOULD BE ASHAMED ABOUT THEMSELVES

Excellent app. My only problem is that when I zoom in on the screen and move the slider to where you need it, the zoom adjusts adding more zoom. If you zoom in halfway between the right edge of the screen and the middle, the slider will automatically move x2 closer to the left side. Zoomed out now, you will see 9 out of 10 times what you intended to see.

Lorex has been my go-to app since Eco Eye. Sometimes I don't receive any notifications, either visual or audio. And sometimes it happens after the fact. It's good that I do not rely on them in the event of a break-in. All settings have been tried. The fact that I cannot use the Lorex Client app from my laptop is also a problem. I had to purchase a separate tablet to access the camera functions. A second tablet would be nice to allow you to log in on other devices.

Before, it was intermittent. The notification has been updated to v4.9.5 and it is now annoying. It can be either totally off with no sound or notice, or both. Please go back to the original way.

Last update caused the phones notification control to be broken. The phone now makes a loud, annoying sound when motion is detected. It lasts around 20 seconds. Because of this annoying sound, I've turned off my alerts. Customer service has not responded to my two attempts at contacting them. It's been over a month since I requested an update for the app. Nothing has come through. This bug is in your app.

This system is not satisfactory. It goes offline frequently and takes hours to get back online. The app no longer allows you to "Reboot" in case it is unavailable. It has been replaced by a "rearrange camera" option. You will never buy again.

It's powerful, has lots of options. It's not bad straight out of the box. There are more options to explore. The instructions are short but sufficient.

Each time another mobile device attempts to view the camera, the current logged-in device is logged out. It is a real pain. If you have multiple relatives who want to inspect the cameras, they all get logged out at once and must log in again. You can't just copy/paste a complex password. It must be entered manually every time. If 2FA is enabled, the code will need to be emailed to your email address. Lorex made it as difficult as possible. Total FAIL.

UPDATE: I spoke to customer service and she guided me through how to correct my problem. All I had to do was to delete all existing users, and then re-add them to my account. works perfect now. !! Shared users cannot use the event feature. Lorex did not respond to my multiple emails. Lorex, please correct this issue for shared users.

App was fine, but now says camera offline. Now app states device not found.

Invite Lorex support to collaborate to test new features. It seems like Lorex keeps pushing new updates without any testing. You have potential to do a lot better! Integration with Alexa Echo hub is not working well. Motion activated sensors feature has been removed.

The app works well but could use some improvements. It would be great to have the replay camera set at 2x-20x speed, for instance. Finding something is difficult when you have to go through the footage.

4.9.5 is even worse!! This default sound won't stop even after I change it. It's still the same. Updated to version 4.9.0 of the app. It's terrible! It's terrible! 9/10 times I click the notification. The app opens, then the device is deleted. I will need to click the events button to view the recorded footage. This is no longer happening live. *** Upgraded to Fusion 4k NVR system from Q-see. C