Lorex Cloud for PC

Lorex Cloud for PC

Monitor your home/business from anywhere in the world with Lorex Cloud.

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This app has been updated since 2020. And playback is not possible on Android. This is Sunday, 10/16/22. Tech support has yet to resolve this problem.

My boss, good evening. I tried so many times to get my phone to connect to the app. It keeps failing. Please help.

Lorex needs to bring their app to par with standard Arlo sets. The wire camera should be cheaper than Arlo.

It works fine, but it won't allow me to receive notifications on my smartphone anymore. The app was deleted, and I re-download it with no success.

The app is difficult to use and it is almost impossible to view recordings. It is difficult to navigate and even technical support cannot help.

This app can be used in the same way as Lorex Home.

Interface was terrible. I had used the home version of lorex and had to change to cloud because it required a larger recorder. The interface for viewing motion events has changed to be horrible. They are not separated by cameras and it is one thread with hundreds of alerts that when clicked goes directly to the live view. It is also difficult to find them by their camera names, rather than by channel. It is not easy to use. It needs to be rebuilt badly. Router right beside recorder hardwired

Although the app works great, I believe there are a few issues. Sometimes, when it opens it closes. Android says that this is because of bugs. The UI is also in need of updating. After too many years, it's getting tired looking.

Update your app to support Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphones running Android 12L. This app closes automatically.

The app needs some serious developer love. The UI is outdated and the microphone, which allows you to communicate through the camera's view, does not work. It has not been updated since 2020 and it is unclear how long ago there have been any updates to the UI.

Even after verifying correct information, the connection failed again. Reinstall DVR several times and follow the instructions to reboot it. Still having problems Strange ......

Android 10 has broken UI. Android 10's UI is broken. Slider control doesn't show in portrait. It does appear in landscape but it cannot be moved. Playback zoom/slider inpoerative. This worked with Android Pie. Update: The live view feature is no longer available on Android 12. While playback works (though it is clunky), live view is only functional.

Updated review: Still 1 star. I was forced to switch to Lorex Secure app in 2019 and have since lost privacy mode and many other important features for my NVR ..... These features have not been restored .... Lorex Secure is disabled and my NVR/cameras aren't working. I asked for this information several times. I don't recommend this system and would suggest that you get a refund immediately if your expectations were for privacy.

Dreadful!! It will keep displaying "Device Encryption", and it requires me to create a password in order to access my camera. Enter "THE CORRECT PWORD !!!"" The app will inform me that it is wrong. Lorex console prompts me to enter my password "IS CORRECT". Lorex support replies with Bla Bla Bla' No...Fix the app !

This app was first used on two phones and two tablets by me when I had 9 cameras installed in my home 4 years ago. It took the app about a year to learn all the necessary tricks for optimizing motion capture. Because technical settings are complex, the learning curve can be more difficult than necessary. Event Capture stopped working for all devices in recent weeks and I am still searching for the solution.