Lorex Cirrus for PC

Lorex Cirrus for PC

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world with Lorex Cirrus.

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About Lorex Cirrus For PC

You can only see half of the things that happen if you have a system. You should be able see all the details at any time, but that doesn't mean it will happen.

Since the day I bought my new system, have had issues with this app. I have spent more than 4 hours on my phone, but still cannot notify me when someone has entered my yard. I am not satisfied with the system and app at this time.

Live feed not available for several months..was fine now, trash app...no it isn't my network...tried every solution

It is very flawed. Notifications in the app will only show you clicked notifications. If you want to turn on all cameras, it is impossible. Motion detection and PIR do not work. Person detection will not work for a dog that is 10 lb. Notifications will not work if the area is busy. Your batteries will be dead in 2 weeks if you set motion detection to the lowest settings. The app is slow to load, which can cause you to miss important live events. Anger

Recording after thefts are left, camera randomly disconnects, app will not connect, other than receiving motion notifications

The cameras come with HD resolution and they are very affordable. This camera makes me feel at ease, knowing that I can monitor what is happening in my house.

Although I liked the wireless system at first, it's been very inconsistent over time. It has never activated to take a picture of an oil truck on my property. I can't even see the live feed. My internet is only inches away and I have to hardwire it in. I was very disappointed with this system, and recommended it to friends.

It is not possible to obtain firmware upgrades from the lorex website. It is a large amount of trash or garbage. Lorex is expensive. If you pay $550, get a return of $330. They were rude, inconsiderate and hung up from India when I inquired. My money was taken like a dirty crook. They are a shady company.

It turned out the NVR hard drive was failing ..... Lorex sent me a replacement and everything seems to be fine now.

I have had the Lorex Ping cameras in the past, which was very useful. This company does not support video or photos for this product. This is why I switched to another brand.

It works well, but it is not always possible to view the cameras using the app. The app isn't able to connect with your main recorder.

This is proof that Lorex screwed their product. My DVR has been affected by multiple updates. It was unable to play at high speeds and they could not fix it. It was fixed by an update a year back, but it broke again with the next update. Guess what? It was fixed by the Aug 2 update. This isn't my fault, it's theirs. I'm never updating again.

It is the best app available. Please do not modify it.

The Away has problems with connecting, sometimes failing to connect. It works great with Client 13 on my laptop. No issues with the network.

Although it took some time, Lorex IT helped me reinstall and reset my app. Now everything is working fine.