Lily's Garden for PC

Lily's Garden for PC

Match and collect flowers in fun puzzle levels to build a gorgeous garden!

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AuthorTactile Games

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About Lily's Garden For PC

It's fun to play game. Why do characters always look angry? You win one level, or lose one. My extra tokens allow me to make 5 moves more, but they look angry. MODIFY the characters' attitudes All this is unnecessary! Please, get me back into the game with the characters' attitudes! SICK OF THE CHARACTERS ATTITUDES As with Halloween, Karen needs your help to change her temper, anger, face and pouty. Seriously? Pathetic!

The game wouldn't start after a few years. It was able to reload after I deleted it. It quit. This game was so relaxing.

Fun, cute, addictive... To download the game took almost 2 years. The storyline is interesting, the match-3 games are not difficult, but they're NOT frustratingly hard. There are plenty of ways to get power ups and coins without having to buy any.

These adds feature fun stories and mini-games.

So far so good. I'm just starting to play, but the game seems engaging and fun. After playing for a while, I will update this review.

Match games are really luck-based, so it doesn't make a difference how many moves you offer at the beginning. Instead of showing 2 moves in the beginning, if you are looking to boost your watched video advertising revenue. After a loss, offer 5 more moves with the video. Watch a video or pay 900 to see 5 additional moves.

After playing it 2 times, I reached 550. Then, the game went back to the beginning. To play, I spent over 300.00. Please, how can I return my game? The game is enjoyable. I'd like to keep playing from where I started at 550, but not starting from 1. No response when I tried to reach you.

Update: I did not say that levels were too difficult, but the disappointment comes from being severely penalized for losing. You lose the game, and you get less coins. However, you also lose any progress in other challenges, like rocket or flower. So losing several times in succession wipes out coins, lives, and all other events progress. To balance all your losses, you can collect 1 star in easy and 1 star in difficult levels. You might also offer 2 stars in more difficult levels. Otherwise, hate grass would earn you 5 stars

This is a great game Lily's Garden it makes it so that you keep playing to find out the next story. It keeps you engaged, and I'm so grateful to the team for their amazing job.

Vwas very upset, but they resolved it and gave me 5 stars. However, there was still a problem with my e-purchase booster which did not give me credit.

Although it is a great game, it can sometimes be quite difficult. However, I will eventually figure it out. Once I have I become a master at it.

Although the game itself is enjoyable, loading it can take too much time. Once it's loaded, however, you cannot continue to play. This is why I gave it 4 stars out of 5.

FINALLY!! Finally! It's also great that your teammates (family members) can help you with any level issues. KUDOS developers! !

It's fun and I look forward to seeing the story progression. These aren't as shocking as commercials but they keep my attention. Tech support helped me to recover my account after I switched phone phones.

My review was changed from 1 to 5 stars! The app is now stable! Thanks devs!! !