Life is a Game for PC

Life is a Game for PC

life simulation game where you see the life of a person from birth until death.

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Although I'd give five, I dislike the fact that they have to marry girls to become gay men. It's great fun and makes me wonder about my future.

This game is great, but the problem with it? They force you to see an ad at the end of your life.

Because everything happens so fast, you may not know what to do the first time.

It's beautiful. I will never uninstall it.

It's a great game! You can find a variety of things within it. It is a great representation of real life and reality, even though it is a videogame. This game is a constant companion of mine and it never gets boring. Five stars!

You will be blindsided by intrusive advertisements that cover your health and happiness bar. When you start a new game, the ads are already there. I found this so annoying that it made me not want to go. It's a shame, because it looks fun. Fix your damn ad placement.

It's repetitive and too fast for me to follow. Cool concept. I like the pixelart graphics. 5/10

The loading screen says, "Life is an Adventure" and the two people are running. It never loads.

If the game were more realistic, this could make it a lot more fun. It's possible to have maximum health and do the right things every time. You can also have an awful ending. Although you can be wealthy or poor, it is impossible to make a great ending. You try it again, thinking that if you changed some things, you could have a good ending. It's terrible. It's so frustrating.

The game is great. It has many options. However, it would be great if the game had an option for lgbtq. Ex. Ex. The game would be great without it.

This is a decent game. It was a 3 rating because the game is very brief and there are not many opportunities to get a job once I graduate. The income for each work also is quite limited. I wish it was a little longer. It's a great game. This is all that I have to say about the app.

It's quite fun to play. However, can you get your high school sweetheart back to the top of the marital line? I hate that every second of the day, I have to start over because I don't know if they are there. Another suggestion is that we all should have the ability to choose our partners regardless of their gender. Last but not least: PLEASE allow us to play blind like a girl. That's it.

It's really fun and addictive. But once i reached all the endings, it became tedious. So please update this game. We need more endings.

me encanta esta app literarlemnte me obsesione con ella un tiempo luego perdi la app y ahora la vuelvo a recuperar wiii

This game is fun! I have played it for quite some time and really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who gets bored.