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It was my favorite torrent downloading program. It stopped working after a while and I had to remove it. It's currently not letting you resume some of your dl's. The file tab appears blank. I also deleted all of my sequential download checks. It's too cumbersome to maintain. Update: There are no torrents anymore. REMOVED

Here's an example of a functional, great app. JUST A GREAT JOB! I'm glad i wasn't ad-raped. I wish torrent creation were better. I was unable to see files with certain extensions, such as zop.

On Samsung A52, the current version of this app is extremely slow. When I try to resume, pause or shut down it hangs up.

Poor torrent client. It won't allow you to download a torrent that has been stopped. I was fortunate to find another client that allowed me to keep the torrent running from my original location.

It's almost perfect.. a few tips: - Notification doesn't clear on swiping, all downloads are complete; - Adding torrents should display files within, total size, etc. - Check if the downloading list can be compressed. Speed, percentage and eta will get you a five star rating.

Excellent torrent app with no ads. Some must-have features are required by me. Automatically shut down torrents once all downloads are complete. Automatically shut down torrents when the battery is below 25%. You can prioritize certain torrents above others

It used to be great. But, it has been over a month and I received an error 32.invalid port after reinstalling it. I believe the issue was due to changing my phone language to Persian. Please fix this.

It seems that the problem I have is that it doesn't let me download only a few files from the torrent.

It used to work great, but after several updates it has stopped working. To use my phone again, I will have to reboot it. I will need to search for another torrent app as this one has been deleted. EDIT: The torrent app is now working but it doesn't let me save the torrent to my preferred folder (i.e. SD card. This could be due to Android's recent folder permissions. APK Mirror has an older version that I downloaded and saved to the folder I wanted. I will not be upgrading any time soon.

Please add the search function to the torrent folders.

This Torrent client was a favorite of mine. Beta had some problems so I ended up leaving it. The stable version has the same problem as beta (code 13 permission denied). I tried reinstalling but no changes. This app is my favorite.

This app makes it so complicated. What is the problem with saving to an ordinary directory? The file is not found. The app doesn't allow you to go there. It's a lot of...

This is the best Android torrent app to date. All the most popular apps have been tried by me. It's definitely my favorite!

Excellent torrent client. It seems to be very efficient with resources. It doesn't seem to have any annoying issues. You might need to do more. Good job for the moment.

This torrent app is not recommended. It will take too much data. It is the most infuriating torrent downloading app I have used.