Legion Workforce Engagement for PC

Legion Workforce Engagement for PC

Engage and empower your team with the Legion Mobile app.

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AuthorLegion Technologies

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My legions won't let me in! It doesn't work even though I tried several times to change my password. I need an 800 number. !

It would be great if the app could show when the schedule has changed and not just say that it happens, but also show before and after. This app was not designed for employees, it is for managers.

It has been impossible for me to sign up. Each time I try to register, the terms of service keeps me stuck. A blank box appears with no words

I can't get in this app using my laptop or phone! It stops when you click to agree terms and conditions. I cannot continue. I am getting angry! !

It would be great if the app could notify me when my schedule has changed. It seems that my boss changes my schedule at the drop of a pin and it never occurs to me until it's too much later.

It's a great idea to have your calendar at your disposal, but it won't let me make a schedule in the upcoming weeks.

It has been great so far. We'll see how often I am asked when I will be working again. I'm able to say that I do not have access to this information. Ok has had the program for quite some time now, and it continues to work great.

For several weeks, I've not been able log in to my account. App services are unable to assist me with this issue.

I am very frustrated right now. I am not getting any help from this app. I attempted to email the contact but was told that it did not respond.

It crashes constantly and won't let me log in even if I enter my correct email. It keeps displaying "Invalid credentials" every time I attempt to log in. The app for my smartphone doesn't seem to work. I can log in on the computer fine, but it won't let me login.

It's great that I can see my schedule and any changes made. You can see my time sheets and message an employee without having to give me your number.

Logging in failed multiple times. It goes to the log-on page, then it goes to sleep. It worked fine, but suddenly it won't let me log in.

The timesheet was removed. My phone's timesheet (galaxy S7) was corrupted. They decided to remove it instead of fixing it so I could navigate through every shift in my timesheet. To get my timesheet back, I took the apk off one of my colleagues' phones. The app isn't that terrible, but I want the developers to improve features and not remove them.

Update: Legion resolved my problem, but after many complaints and a poor review. It was very simple, and they should have made it clear from the beginning. They allowed me to access my account to update my information and not lock me out due to me not having access to my phone and email. Excellent app. It's very easy to use, and it is convenient. Two stars are still negative for poor customer service. But that's just being generous.

It doesn't work properly. Logging in tells me that my password is incorrect, I have forgotten it, and sends me a link. Change my password to one that I am familiar with. It will then take me to my work log-in. It happens each time. When I clicked forgot password this morning, it gave me a blank screen. It was very disappointing so I removed it.