Leeds United Official for PC

Leeds United Official for PC

Marching on together, wherever you are with Leeds United’s brand new app!

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Class tells me all I need to know about one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Well, I'd say that the club is my favorite.

It is useless. This app is useless! I will continue using the site until it is fixed.

Although generally excellent, I noticed that the audio quality on away games is not as good. You will need to close the app again and then reopen it. It will stop working. This didn't occur as often last season, so we are hopeful that this will be fixed.

LUTV received two subs but will not reply to email. Thanks to PayPal, the app crashed while you were watching YouTube content on Chromebook or mobile. It is not fit for its purpose. Subscriptions will not be renewed

It is good to be informed about what's going on. If I need any information regarding Leeds United, I would look elsewhere than the Leeds United app.

We march on, it is only a matter time until Europe sees the great Leeds United back. Roll on Jessie! App so useful.

Audio streaming, as others have stated, is horrible. The streaming service crashes every 10 minutes, which is worse than it was in the past (22/23). It's sad that it hasn't been fixed, considering the amount of complaints.

The app is amazing. The club should give official supporters a number and name, so they can make predictions, pick their top players etc. There is always room to improve.

It could be amazing, but .... It could be great, but... It's much more enjoyable to watch the video stream.

There were three major problems. 1. Streaming yesterday's audio commentary used 2.64GB mobile data, more than 10 times the usual. It was almost streaming video. 3 There were three times that the commentary was repeated for a fraction of a second before it went back to live. 3 The streaming stopped and then resumed until I switched the screen on again and foreground the app. None of these issues occurred last season.

I have filed ticket after ticket complaining about not being able view live matches. They ignore your messages and don't reply. Club needs to get rid of the support. They are making media owners look stupid edit:suport continues to ignore emails. It's useless Edit: 2 years later, still no fixes. Support is a joke Edited November 2021: still an issue. This app is owned by the TV mogul, who has his own useless club tv.

After installing the app, it crashes and kicks me out.... Android Wifes iPhone perfect and leeds sound to go along with it had deleted all previous seasons. Keep trying again.

It's not easy to use, but videos start up and then stop. This has been occurring more often so I have stopped paying my subscription.

It doesn't recognize where I'm located when I launch the app. My location remains on, and it is in the UK. This frustrates me.

It was great for me to listen to match matches at work, or non-televised. However, I can't access it anymore with my phone locked.