Learn English with WSE for PC

Learn English with WSE for PC

Complete English lessons and learn English with Wall Street English.

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Logging in has been slow lately. To remind you in your calendar that it is configurable, and not forget the event one day ahead of it is a surefire way to lose it. Set it up at least one hour prior FFS.

When I used the apps on my smartphone, the app converted the correct answer to the incorrect answer. It got me stuck and I couldn't open it. So, I had to remove and reinstall it many times. You are so horrible!

It is slow and sometimes crashes. I had to uninstall the app many times in order to use it for my Eng class.

Se bloquea en ocasiones y es necesario repetir las lecciones 2 o 3 veces. Inclusive a veces se queda cargando y toca esperar hasta 5 minutos.


The app is not mobile-friendly. You can't also book classes via the app. Additionally, several tasks in my digital book disappeared after I updated the app. Huff

This app is very useful, however, you could add a timer to the section of the conversion so that I don't lose the opportunity to give my speech.

The app is great. I have learned so much from it. The new update is too difficult to use. I would prefer to go back to the original.

Find out how to fix your app's problems. Many lessons had incorrect answers. However, your app did not give you the right answer.

Perhaps you could save your password so that it is not automatically deleted from the device..

This was an excellent experience. It makes it easy for everyone to learn their language.