KYMS - Keep your media safe for PC

KYMS - Keep your media safe for PC

Kyms hide and encrypt your media behind a working calculator

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About KYMS - Keep your media safe For PC

This app is best for hiding information. I have been using it since 2017, and it has proven to be the most effective in protecting sensitive data. This app is great and impossible to track for prying eyes.

Amazing app to hide pictures! It crashes when you try to upload photos from the gallery. Please fix it, I'm stuck! !

This app is amazing. This app has been my favorite for 3 years. Even after entering the correct passcode, I can't open the app.

A private app is recommended. It has far too many permissions and tracks your location each time you open it. It pings several twitter and google servers to gather information about you. This is a fun toy that kids can use, but not for people who are serious about privacy.

Amazing app...I love it.. I have been using it for almost 4 years.. but please make sure that you update it with the most recent version of Android.. to improve the user experience...Thanks Team KYMS App.

This app is very useful. It's been a great app for many years. Recently, however, the browser stopped allowing me to play p0rnhub videos. :/

My new phne arrived. I clicked on forbidden rather than allow when sharing images from kycalc to Whatsapp.

This is the best application ever. As if I were being serious, CJ. There are many reasons why I love calculators, but this is the most important. Calculators are my favorite thing (random fact). I am a lover of myself. 3. Writing and typing are my passions. This allows me to continue writing even when it's not permitted or possible. That's a great thing!

Since the last update, I cannot import new photos. When I attempt to do so it crashes and closes. I have emailed the company but have not received a response. I am done with the app and will not be installing it again.

All my photos were lost... I did an update, and all my images where !!!! These photos are gone forever! The app starts and I am redirected to the previous page. It also lost photos of my parents and has caused me grief. It's so sad! !

My password is incorrect and I am unable to access my files. Please resolve my problem ASAP

I removed the app from my phone. I then got a new one and installed it again. I am unable to access my photos.

I am having trouble adding my gallary image. The app has been shut down. Please fix this problem.

Although it's great to be able to save pictures, I don't like the app. If your phone is damaged or stolen you can lose everything that you saved to the app. It's confusing that you need a password in order to access the app.

It worked on an andriod 9 .... and now it works on my android 10 phone... Please fix the problem!