Kalimba for PC

Kalimba for PC

Play a kalimba on your smartphone or tablet!

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About Kalimba For PC

It hasn't been used yet, but I was forced to give it my rating before using it. I gave it the rating **** after I had it for a while.

The interface is very simple, and it makes me happy. However, I would like to be able to customize the sound of it by tuning it or adding more keys. We need more options in the future.

I am in love with this app. It is a slow process, but the end result is well worth it.

This app works perfectly for me. I'm thinking of buying my first kahliba, but don't have the long nails.

Hi, sorry I can't donate to the app developers so I thought I would just give it 5 stars!

This app is one of my 3 top favorite apps on my smartphone ngl. This app may be gone for good as I'm hoping to buy a Kalimba Christmas present!

It's simple and free (no ads). It sounds great and is responsive. It's easy to use and it is great fun. Thanks.

It does what it is supposed to. This app is not as good as using a real Kalimba. But if this is what you want, it's worth a shot.

It sounded exactly the same as mine when I was young. The freezing and lagging have me uninstalling it. Without a simulated Kalimba to satisfy my nostalgia, all I can do is reminisce and consume cheap cocaine and hooch. Maybe then, I'd be able to find a cheap house with good reputation and indulge myself in a decent hooker. This app could have worked more effectively. I would be happier staying at home with my wife .....

Amazing, I absolutely love the sound. It's so relaxing and helped me learn Kalimba. We can easily adjust the sound. I have 5 stars

It was fun and affordable. It's a great app that really tested my muscle memory.

This is probably the most popular kalimba app out there. The only issue is the blockage of my rotation button by my hole punch camera, but other than that it is a fantastic app

It's a great app! However, it would be even better to add theme themes such as a glass or Kalimba lessons. Thank you!

This application is great, especially since i don't have the money to buy a kalimba. I just want you to add indian notation (sare ga ma..) to the kalimba.

It doesn't offer a way to learn how to use it, which I find annoying. However, it's a good app.