JW Library for PC

JW Library for PC

Read and study multiple Bible translations, books and brochures.

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AuthorJehovah's Witnesses

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About JW Library For PC

2.5/5 It would be great to highlight the links at the sides. This could allow us to have both our main publication and the information that opens from each link underlined. Excellent app. The best in the AppStore and Playstore. It would be awesome if there was an option for us to write in the field and track our time.

This is the most important app that you need to know about. People who don't go to the Kingdom Hall should download it.

My grandma has been a witness, and is about to undergo surgery. I downloaded this app in hopes that I could see her again when she dies.

It is my favorite place. Every day I return to it. The Bible can answer any question you may have. We are grateful for the app.

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Although it's the best, there are network issues. Please try to resolve this problem so that the Bible and books on Meeting don't get downloaded. It seems like everyone is at the same spot.

This app is amazing! It is truly a gift from Jehovah. We are grateful to Jehovah for the effort of the entire team.

This app is what made me who I am today. Jehovah's witnesses will be with me until and after Armagedon, which I enjoy.

JW Library is excellent and should be installed on every device. It is an effective medium for learning about Jehovah and can also answer important questions regarding life.

It is great, it allows me to access all the information in the library. The program works without incovinence. You can also download original songs, videos and other publications. This app is my favorite.

It is necessary to be able to view dictionary definitions for words, just like in epub readers. We would also like to add push notifications for daily texts and new content on the home screen.

After being lost among many religions, I finally found my home in Christ Jesus.

Good! It would be great if audios from the bible could jump to another chapter automatically after each listening.

This app is still my favorite! Is there a glitch with the notes section? My keyboard does not appear when I attempt to add notes. It was my tablet but I think it could be it. All other apps work fine. This is your problem. Thanks!

Although the app is fantastic, I have had problems with downloading audio or video. The app shows 'No download available'.