JumpStart Academy Preschool for PC

JumpStart Academy Preschool for PC

An educational adventure to give your preschooler the learning edge!

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AuthorJumpStart Games

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About JumpStart Academy Preschool For PC

It is not completely free. Although advertised as being free, I only managed to complete a handful of learning games that tried to change my mind.

It looks like something my kid would enjoy, but it crashed on my Android while I was setting it up.

After getting to the third page, it freezes and the app stops. It has been done 10 times.

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This game is a great one for my daughter. However, the hints can be annoying and cause me to lose her understanding.

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Can't Create Account, Password doesn't Match Records. Then go to Forgot password and say not account with this Email.

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It's a great app, but once you reach the middle of it, you have to pay.

The glitch is preventing me from starting the first activity. This is a problem that I hope you can fix quickly so I can test the app.

It isn't working correctly...I have to go into the house to use my tickets, but it stops. I am still on map 1, trying to get to game 5.

It was fun, free and fun.

My daughter purchased the subscription but it still doesn't say she is a member. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but that didn't help. Three times I was charged for subscriptions that weren't working.

I was twice charged my card and my daughter still isn't a member. I emailed them without any response. I began to think this app was a fraud.

As a new client, I'm very curious about the program. Let's see how it goes