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inskam for PC

inskam is a software that interacts with devices via mobile phones.

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About inskam For PC

It worked, but it isn't focused. I purchased this to clean my children's ears. This is unsafe for me now.

The device is constantly showing "Pls Connect Device", and the update option pls upgrade. It is always showing an error when we update it. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled many times, but this has not been able to work ..... It was a terrible experience.

It's stupid. This app doesn't even work with the internet.

It was a complete waste of money, I tried everything to get it connected and nothing worked. ! !

It is compatible with both my USB scope and Pixel cameras. It asks you for your location, but works great even if it is denied.

Horrible... My older phone stopped working. I bought a new phone, scope, and laptop. It's harvest season and I cannot see the trichomes so I have to immediately go to Walmart. It's ridiculous! !

People who think they can snap photos from anywhere in the world will find this app very helpful. But not me.

It worked right out of the package, with Android 11 running on an Oneplus 6T. There is still a problem with image rotation, as mentioned in previous reviews. Rotate image using another app.

Accepting the User Agreement means that you agree to the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, the Copyright Laws of China, its Implementing Regulations and the Decision of the National People's Congress on the Maintenance of Internet Security as well as the Laws of China on the Protection of State Secrets.

Scam app. It waited for you 24 hours and then attempted to redirect to China Unsecure Sire. This will result in your credit card information being stolen.

POS... won't "see" your camera if you follow the instructions (plug it into )... to indicate an update but page is not available). Don't waste money on either the app or the product!

Before I rate you, I will give you a chance for a response. Is there an update on the status of this thread? What is the best way to take advantage of 680 pixel resolution?

App will not ask for permissions that it doesn't need. Borescope camera will not be connected to the app. The app gets stuck asking if you would like to use the camera. It does not do anything else. App is dangerous and useless with its permissions.

It is not working. I have tried it previously last year, and it worked. Now the app keeps saying to connect and the screen turns black. Are the developers still working on the issue?

It's terrible, it just doesn't work, keeps cutting out, the picture looks horrible when it does, and app just isn’t fit for purpose.