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This app has been terrible so far. I cannot register and get an error message each time I attempt. I also can't use the camera.

Absolutely rubbish. Keeps freezing fir no reason. The app is running 24/7 on my tablet, but I need to restart it multiple times per day. Total waste of my money


The app crashes every time it loads. The app crashes every time it loads. I keep getting the pink and green screens of death. This sound continues even after the app is closed. This app needs to be fixed! !

Why doesn't 5g WiFi work? I can't get my BT hub to connect. The camera keeps telling me the camera does not support 5g WiFi. It's pretty pointless, as many routers and hubs now support 5g WiFi. Please respond to our support

This is not to be trusted. Was fine at first. After a while, the camera started to move on its own after all of my devices were turned off. My dogs, who initially ignored it. The camera became a terror to them. Passwords changed. It happened the next day .... was turned off, and it went in the trash.

It works great when it does. However, sometimes you get network busy or network timed out errors. I just upgraded to the latest version. Where has the preset options gone? There used to be 5 preset views, but now there is only one. It's not good.

This app is trying to update through a third-party. We need to verify that the update is coming from the original source via Play Store.

WARNING... DANGER..... Permissions are very important. Update permissions are available to read and modify contact information. It also wanted to read call logs and modify call logs. I received calls from friends claiming to be my friends. They were adding my contact information to my phone and making dodgy salespeople look like me. It uploaded all of my call logs and private information to suspicious Chinese servers. Google was notified.

******* Warning ********************** Before you install this app look at the permissions. You can read and change your contact information, location and many other things. They know your location, can verify if you're in, and have your call logs. This is very suspicious. I don't know how google allows this. You buy security cameras for safety, and not because it makes it easier to get robbed. Please explain why your call logs and contacts are needed to be read by a security camera.

What on earth is this app requiring access to my contacts list? It works fine, but not as well as any other ip cameras. Instructions from the Chinese government

Panoramics are a great addition, but not all cameras will support them. Since users often want their cameras to be directed at certain angles, it is important that as many preset positions as possible are reinstated on the same page. iEye is now user-friendly because the preset function has been restored in

Panoramic Update just lost my preset camera positions at the top of the screen! They are extremely useful and I ask that you restore them! Many thanks!

It's a great app, I use it every day. Can we turn the night vision light off through the app? It may be possible to use the control stick feature when viewing in small size. Is the IP of your camera visible? Just two suggestions. This is an excellent app.

The last update made the current status for the preset function disengage. It is not possible to connect with the camera via phone network for Android 6.0.1. This can only be done by WiFi.