ibis Paint X for PC

ibis Paint X for PC

Share the joy of painting with ibis Paint X! Drawing anime and manga art.

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CategoryArt & Design
Authoribis mobile inc.

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About ibis Paint X For PC

I gave it 1 star because it doesn't show how to draw.

This app is a favorite of mine for a while. The latest update has made it even better. The app is slow when working on layers with more than 20 layers. I have pieces that had 100+ layers and it was fine. The app will randomly erase my drawings and pull me back from my progress. It's very difficult and it is making me lose motivation to use ibisx.

It is both great for advanced and beginner artists. This app is very easy to use. If you don't want to use procreate, or just need a good app, I recommend it ten times out of 10. My only issue is the blended brush. The brush does not scale well when I attempt to increase its size. It takes me around five minutes to fix the problem. This app is an absolute must-have for artists.

This app is amazing. However, it had so many glitches that I was unable to draw any more. Then it erased all of my drawings so please ibis fix it.

This app is amazing for creating iPhone backgrounds. It's simple enough to use that even a novice could use it. It is definitely worth downloading.

The best free drawing application. It is very easy to use and efficient. The only problem I have is that it buffers slightly when I am using the app for a long period of time. It works fine once I shut it down and open it again.

This app is pretty good, but it could use more tools such as Krita. It is well worth the price for all of the brushes that you have access to.

It's great that you can do whatever you want with ibspaint. Because we can be creative, it's great. A LOT OF FAN SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT.

Closes automatically. This app is great for drawing and converting traditional art to digital. The only issue is the inability to change layers or undo brush strokes. This is really annoying. I have cleared out a lot of storage to make it more efficient, but the app still closes every time I try to modify something. It closes and all of my artwork is lost.

It is my favorite game. I find it blurry, and can express myself.

An App That Is Being Abused by Other People Is Suspected For No Reason. I am going to Slap them with my special Flying Slipper

This app is great, but sometimes it lags. Every time I click on the gallery button to open a photo from the gallery, the app freezes. Not very convenient.

It is a great app. I recommend it 100%. You only receive adds about once every 2-3 hours, except for opening brushes. My friend introduced me to this app. I was blown away the first time that I made a sketch of my anime edit. TOTALLY GOOD APPLICATION. I'd like to rate it 4. Then I realized it wasn't the app's flaut, but me. It's free! - karla fan in philipines!

I absolutely love this app. It is great for drawing and editing photos.

You can solve the problem with the bug or the stuck. Thank you for your time and please read my comments. I am Charlotte, so good bye!