Hushed - 2nd Phone Number for PC

Hushed - 2nd Phone Number for PC

Second Line Phone Numbers for Private Calls & Texting - Free Trial Burner Number

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This app is confusing to me again. This app stopped functioning and it is no longer downloading at 100%. It keeps using my data but not loading...this is bad and pathetic.

If there were an alternative, 0 stars. The replacement is Burner. The app is broken and support takes too long to respond. Even developers don't want to correct known problems. Partially refunding doesn't work, but if the purchase is interrupted they can find a way to fix it. This is not recommended.

We will update as necessary. They were able to verify the address and number, but more was needed. This new regulation is a joke. This app is amazing and I love it. It is great to be able have a Canadian phone number. Bravo, guys! To date, I've found none flaws. Reviewed from initial 3 star evaluation to intermediary 5 star eval. Final if necessary, but I don't think it will be required. Appreciate it! App that is best in class

Fraud.. I just purchased a number to use for seven days. The transaction was processed on Google Pay and my side, but it appears that the transaction has paused on the App.

The app was a scam. I spent $140 for a line and felt that I needed to protect my line. I attempted to contact customer service but the rude idiot kept telling me how I could talk with him/her. My $140 was not able to be refunded. These stupid people asked me to send a receipt from my subscription email. I did that, and nothing had changed.

It was a very poor application. Their unlimited text and phone calls subscription was purchased with an American number. I tried to send a message to a friend in the US, but only one message was delivered. Now I am sending messages and it isn't delivering. I can't receive text and calls.

Bad app. DO NOT USE. It offered me a 3 day trial and then took my VISA money. A few hours later it said it had suspended my account because I didn't make enough calls to confirm. I signed up for Damm app and did not receive any account number or phone number.

This app is amazing. I tried it out for two months and it was fantastic. I then decided to subscribe to the year.

This app is a fraud. This app is a fraud. I used it for 3 days when I started to use it. Then, on September 30, they took my credit card and charged me the monthly fee. A few hours later, the app claimed that I had lost my number. I was required to pay additional money in order for them to activate my account. It was almost immediately restored after I filed a complaint. Since then I have been paranoid about the app and I started making phone calls, sending and receiving texts. Today, however, my account was deactivated.

Great app, the price is reasonable and there are many payment options. It's so flexible and inexpensive, it's a great app.

It worked great up until I received a group message. Actually, I didn't receive a group message. This is an important feature, which isn't mentioned in the description. You won't have group text if this is used.

Hi, I just bought a number and was logged out of the app. I can't sign back in but I lost my money from my debit card. Is there something wrong? Please resolve the issue quickly as I gave my client's number.

The service seems to be working well so far. It is important to note that the call and text minutes for stacksocial promotions are both shared. If you have 12,500 text minute and 2500 phone minutes, every text that you send/receive counts towards the call minutes. You could lose your call minutes after you receive/sent 2500 text messages. The service/app has been working well for me. (Response from developer response-experience not bad but confusing about how many minutes it takes to count)

It didn't even ring! It was a scam! I tried to call my own two numbers and none rang. I DID NOT RECEIVE AN SMA! !

Payed service. Three-day trial available if you sign up for an autorenewing account. It is best to test it out before you commit.