Hello Kitty Nail Salon for PC

Hello Kitty Nail Salon for PC

Create supercute manicures with Hello Kitty!

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AuthorBudge Studios

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About Hello Kitty Nail Salon For PC

The game of thieving is this one. My son signed up for the $4.99 per month subscription. It is virtually impossible to cancel or remove this subscription, unless you cancel your credit card. This game is not recommended. I don't recommend it. Customer service at this company stinks. I tried for three days to cancel my subscription, but couldn't find it anywhere except on Google Pay. My bank accounts are the only place I have any record of purchases. !

It used to be so much fun, but they changed it. Now it's a pain to play.

It is an aswome video that teaches children to do their nails and desing. However, you'll have to pay for ads to be removed from every game. Not even the games of today are free. Small children don't know how to read so they select "yes" and then go on to say it again.

It's so much fun! You can even design your own nains.

Although this game can be fun, it becomes tedious after a while if you don’t subscribe to the hello kitty nail salon. Only 29 items are available for free... and only 5 bucks per month. A kids game where you only do your nails and paint nails costs 60 dollars a year? Who would spend that much money on a children's game for children? You can give more items away or reduce the cost of the club and it might be worth reinstalling.

It is not working when I try to install it. How will children play the game if this is not fixed? This issue is why I have given 1 star.

It's so cute! I love Hello Kitty. I am 8 years old.

It's a great app, it is my favorite game, and I am so grateful that I was able to download it. I also appreciate the fact that you can level it up for free. I do not mind paying for apps, movies, music, etc. (Subscription), but it is possible. Keep up the good work! Your apps are amazing, you have done a wonderful job making apps that entertain kids like this.

This is very good. I played it from grade 1, but now i'm in grade 5. But the problem is that the game doesn't come up when you tap the button.

You now know why I love this game so much. The hello kitty shirt was too cute. My sister dina has a hello cat shirt, but it is old.

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It's awesome, but I prefer the "VERSION" because it is all for free.

It is amazing. Other games are just too horrible.

It was also updated so I gave it 2 stars.

This game makes me mad. I tried to download it but it wouldn't work. Don't download it.