Heavens-Above for PC

Heavens-Above for PC

Identify lights in the night sky, predict Iridium flares, ISS and sat passes

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Please fix the live sky chart in N E SW direction, Sir. We are grateful.

It has been a great tool for many years. It is a great tool that allows you to easily place your cursor wherever in the US and see if there are any ISS passes available for the dates chosen!

Heavens Above has been a part of my life for many decades. This tool has been a great help in astronomical observation when used with the 70s C-8. It works great for me, even though I don't have access to Go-To apps.

It hasn't worked in months. Very inaccurate data. Cannot find satellites that I see in the sky using the app.

This app is very useful! It's funny how I occasionally see satellites that are not listed. Even though I have checked all filters, including magnitude and satellite type cutoff, sometimes objects don't match what is listed. This is a problem? GPS-based location

If I choose dark themes on my smartphone, the white circles locator becomes black and it is difficult to see.

Ads suck! Ads that brainwash! They may be distracted by advertisements for 3 minutes. You can search for satellite windows on the Internet!

Hi. The app is great. I have planets and stars at my fingertips. The Space Station is not to be missed. It was traced using your smartphone. Great! !

App worked fine at the start. No notifications are sent for satellites I've chosen. I don't know what to do.

This app is a great and useful tool for Astronomy Lovers. You can also locate Space Station as it passes through your area and see its expected duration along with other satellites. ..... There's more!

Notification to App for Tiangong Space Station when the notification for Tiangong wasn't selected. Unwanted notifications cannot be stopped, so I DO NOT WANT IT INSTALLED.

Super good. My new phone doesn't track satellites as well as my older phone. Cross hairs do not appear in the live sky chart, and satellites don't lock in.

Whew. How do I begin? I'm trying to use satellite imagery. Let me set a maximum elevation above 30deg. My home is in the mountains. Passes are not important to me if they're above 70 degrees. - Alarms will buzz your phone no matter how high you have set them. - No favorites list. Each time the app starts up, I must go to six satellites and name them by typing their names. Technology is available. What is the UX? Nonexistent.

We just downloaded the app and are now sitting outside in Arizona with a fire. You can.check out the stars around us.

Please align N,S direction relative to E and W. N, S can be reversed even though it aligns with Magnetic N.