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Manage your and your family's health information.

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AuthoreClinicalWorks LLC

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About healow For PC

It is very user-friendly. There are two different layouts. It makes it easy for me to keep track of my health and communicate with my doctor.

You cannot have other opinions when you send a massage or ask for information. Access to your data is not possible.

Because it said to use the address, and I have never used the attached address for Conviva, this was difficult to setup. There is no way for the caregivers to be contacted. The service was just started, so there is room to improve.

The app is not able to complete the setup. After I agree to the terms and conditions, the screen keeps bringing up a blank screen.

I have had problems making an appointment with my doctor. Then, I have to call the doctor to schedule it.

It's simple to use, and it doesn't require me to call to get prescription refills. It will remind you to make an appointment.

This app is amazing ...!!!. This is the best app I have seen in quite some time. Bravo ....!! !

This app is the hardest to use out of all the health apps that I have used. This app is used by three providers. Once I have registered for the first, it is impossible to add more provider organizations. It is also frustrating to be unable to send messages. It is impossible to upload/share files or photos with my provider.

It does not indicate the exact location of my medical office. Incorrectly refers to Surprise, AZ.

I am one day late... cannot reply to the appointment except to confirm. Because nothing that I enter shows my provider, it is impossible to send an email or message to the doctor's office. I can't reply to any message that is in my inbox. It does provide some historical information, but I would not know that this is the right office. It is both a wasteful use of my smartphone and frustrating.

My PIN was reset after the update. This has happened several times and it still keeps telling me that my PIN was incorrect. It locks me out each time.

I think it would be fine if all of the features could be used. I find them difficult to setup.

Only what I know is visible to me. This was my belief that I would be able to see what you see. Also, I do not take 20 medications.

It is not user-friendly at all. It took a lot of time to set up, even though it was already installed. I have not accessed the portal since then. It is a bit difficult to find a link that will take you to the portal where you can pay your bills/access statements. To access/pay my bill, I needed to return to Chrome after setting up the app. It was the most complicated and confusing process I have ever seen.

This app deserves 0 stars. It's difficult to use and not easy for users to find the necessary information.